Launch Your Own Games Quick By Reskinning

Game reskinning means not having to create a game from scratch. It's one of the easiest ways to make money in this type of industry. The great thing about it is that even though yours will have many of the same elements of several other games that have already been published, people will still be interested enough to give your game a try; especially if you have really good graphics and a killer story to back it up.

Many mobile gaming companies do this and it's easy for them what with having all sorts of developers, graphic artists, and more. So what does one who has an interest in reskinning a game but doesn't have an entire gaming team at his/ her disposal? Let's just say all it takes a source code, and a reskin platform. There are many sites that offer you good source codes that already work with a company that will reskin games for you. Find them and launch the game of your dreams.

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What You Need


Setup Steps

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 5 weeks
Time to see results: 2 months

Additional Tips

Read the blog and tips from Reskin Games.

Launch your game in several different platforms.

Set up ads correctly. Have a number that you can earn from without annoying your users.

Choose a popular trend with flashy designs.

Be meticulous with the title, screenshots, keywords, and descriptions of your app.

Have in-app purchases.

Potential Results

You could potentially earn up to $500 a month for the first few months. You could even earn up to $3,000 a month with the right knowledge. It's all a matter of knowing how to make it grow and last. It also helps if you have several reskins and opportunities to earn.


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