Instantly Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

It has become a norm for people to start their businesses online right away. E-trepreneurs keep popping up everyday and succeed in their own websites and social media accounts. More and more frequently, people have begun their success stories as YouTubers.

If you're signing up for YouTube as a business and not as someone with a unique angle when it comes to entertaining, it can be a challenge getting subscribers. The platform is known for launching the careers of many YouTubers and making money for many successful YouTube channels. While for some it's been luck, some it's been a lot of hard work and research. You can do the same and get a little help from an automated YouTube marketing and promotion software.

Learn how you can make more money and make better promotions. We will be tackling this blueprint with the service called TubeAdder.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Connect your YouTube account.

Subscribe to channels.

Setup your automated comments, likes and videos.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Work on having a good variety of content for your videos. Do away with vlogs, plain testimonials, and hard sell ads. Make your viewers laugh or cry and get them to like your videos and share them with their network of friends and family.

  • Pique your viewers' curiosity with an original video.
  • Choose keywords that people use to look for information.
  • Take advantage of channel page views and drive traffic to your other sites and social accounts.
  • If you have a product, showcase what it can do and why they should buy it without making it a hard sell.
  • Create witty video descriptions.
  • Always include your logo in your videos.

Potential Results

By focusing on creating great videos and engaging YouTubers and viewers in the same niche, you could double the size of your subscribers within a couple of months. You can also expect to see an increase your views for majority of your videos. This gives you the opportunity to greatly improve your monthly revenue by more than 200% within a year.


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