Make Email Marketing Better By Segmenting Your List

"The money is in the list" is something you'll hear and read every now and again as you learn more about growing your online business. This is why you come across so many popups in websites, offering you a discount, promo, or product, in exchange for signing up for their newsletter. And the saying really does hold water; especially if you charge people for being in that list.

However, as easily as you can get people in your list, it's as easy for them to leave it. This is why you step up your email marketing campaigns with better newsletters. The problem? Some people end up finding your emails annoying because of the frequency or useless because it doesn't relate to them. So make smarter campaigns by targeting specific newsletters to specific people in your list. Don't just send them out to everyone without a thought of what they could be interested in. Remember, one email could make or break your list.

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What You Need


Setup Steps

Start segmenting. If you've signed up for Infusionsoft, this is how you segment your list:


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 week

Additional Tips

Identify and make your segments tighter with these 6 types:

Geographic- segment based on zip code, state, region, and other geographic markers

Demographic- based on age, gender, nationality, or occupation

Psychographic- based on personal values, hobbies, interests, and others

Buyer Behavior- based on buyer history

Influence Level- based by how they influence your company

Last Interaction- based on last interaction with your brand

Make tighter messages that target each of your segments.

Make your segments identifiable from one another.

The more specific your list is, the tighter your messages and campaigns can be.

Keep your lists clean and updated.

Potential Results

Segmenting your lists means an easier way for you to send targeted emails. This means less time trying to weed out a few names from a huge list, less opportunities to mess up and miss a couple of vital customers, and less worrying about your lists and more on what else you can do to improve your business. This is an even bigger opportunity since many customers from different email service providers have given testimonials of revenue growing by 566% and leads increasing by 450%.


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