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Finding a job used to mean writing a resume, printing out dozens of copies, going to job fairs, going to different offices and handing out your resumes, waiting for a call to go back for an interview... it was long and tedious. So when you're out for a job as a freelancer, it's all just a little too much. It's definitely much easier nowadays. You just go online, find job listings, apply, and wait for an email about an interview.

But for freelancers looking for an online job, outsourcing marketplaces have become the easiest and most convenient way for employers to find people to hire for little jobs here and there. These types of online marketplaces offer job listings covering a wide range of categories. You'll be sure to find something for you.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 5 weeks

Additional Tips

Create a complete and appealing profile page.

Set a competitive rate.

Offer discounts and incentives.

Ask your clients for feedback and referrals.

Potential Results

Getting people to notice your profile, or get hired for enough jobs that pay decently will definitely take a while. You could start of earning $250 to $500 a month. A full-time freelancer can potentially earn a minimum monthly income of $1000. You just need to be patient and keep applying for any job you feel you could do.


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