Increase Your Visibility and Let People Know About Your Services Up For Sale

Classified Ads: these are the classic (pun intended) way to advertise anything from a room-for-rent to services-for-sale. They worked well in the newspapers and they still function just as well online. Tons of forums have threads of classifieds so hard- working and talented people like you can have a decent and highly visible area for you to be seen by people who are looking for help.

Why, though, would you bother with joining forums and posting on classifieds when you can just hunt around freelance sites for people who would be interested in your services? The great thing about forums and classifieds is that you're putting yourself in an environment of like- minded people. This means that there's a greater probability that people will actually be interested and hire you. Isn't that better than putting yourself on display and hoping somebody will actually stop and take a look?

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Set up and customize your public profile.

Create a forum topic.

Optional: Submit a banner ad or classified ad

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 2 days
Time to see results: 2 months

Additional Tips

Make your profile page or sales copy enticing to make potential clients want to click on it.

Use graphics and videos; whichever works best for the service you will be providing.

Be realistic and transparent with your lead time to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Actively comment and post on other threads to turn heads towards your offer.

Tell your audience why they need your service. Change the font color, use bold, or underline important parts of your copy.

Provide a money-back guarantee and focus on quick responses for customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers mean great feedback and more opportunities for your business.

Gather samples and testimonials.

Do your research. See what services are in demand and how you can provide better service. You could also offer the same service while offering them at a lower price in a bundle package.

Potential Results

A wide generated monthly income range of $500 – $2,000 can be expected for the first few months. But that's considering you actually put in the extra work for people to find you, other than simply putting yourself on a forum. While it makes things easier, you'll definitely earn more with a combination of several different methods. Keep experimenting with the combination of efforts that you're doing to find the right mix.


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