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SEO takes time and effort for you to understand and execute. It can be particularly challenging for those who are new to having an online business. To get around this problem, you have several options: hire SEO experts to create your marketing team, outsource your SEO, or hire a freelancer. All options are effective and give you the opportunity to fulfill your marketing needs while focusing on other important things. But hiring a freelancer is definitely one of the most cost - effective options, especially if you're a start up or small business.

Find the right freelancer for the job by using Upwork. It's a site that connects businesses and freelancers from all over the web.

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Time to do: 1 week
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Have a general idea of what it takes to create an SEO campaign before looking for freelancers.

View their past work examples.

Speak to references and past clients.

Ask them to do a technical review of your website.

Make sure they won't use black hat SEO techniques.

Communicate with your freelancer often once you've hired one.

Potential Results

Hiring an SEO freelancer definitely cuts down the would be incredibly lengthy time that you would have spent trying to figure it all out yourself. You could boost your backlinks by up to 20% in the first month and 40% in the coming months after. Find the same 20% increase on High PR Blog posts, and a greatly increased percentage in sales.


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