Blogs and Social Media: Creating Noise For Your Business Blog

Blogger outreach and guest blogging are one of the most common and effective ways for you to get the word out about your business, site, and content. Both methods entail reaching out to bloggers and influencers in your niche and forming a relationship with them where they can mention your brand or write about your product or allow you to write your own post on their site.

Both are effective ways that have always been a little bit tricky when you're just beginning. It entails a lot of research, laying down some ground work, and putting in a lot of time, before considering making contact for a favor. So it's a good thing that there are guest blogging sites that act like a social media site, as well. Giving you the venue and opportunities to communicate with influencers much faster.

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What You Need

Setup Steps


Find your new blogger friends.


Time to do: 1 week
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Sites like Guest Crew allow you to register for free but for that particular service, you'll need credits. You can buy credits if you want to post your own campaigns. One credit costs one dollar.

  • You can add a new site by going to Your Sites > Manage Sites > Add new.
  • Consider upgrading if you want to make use of their social media features and campaign tools.
  • Check out their blog for tips.

Potential Results

Guest blogging is a great way to expand your network and increase visibility with your audience by 50% within the first couple of weeks. Platforms like Guest Crew make this so much easier and give you exposure to authority blogs and an opportunity to build relationships with other bloggers. You can look to earn up to $300 a month as a start and go up from there.


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