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Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways for you to earn money online. So many digital marketers started off doing that and still continue to do so. This makes starting an affiliate program a no- brainer for your company. They're like walking ads all over the internet.

But starting an affiliate program is difficult when you don't have a lot of affiliates to start with and when they're not as efficient. Because sure, there are many affiliates to choose from, but not many who meet your expectations.

You can't waste time and money just hiring random affiliates. It's important that you make sure you're getting people who get the job done. 

Sign up for an affiliate recruitment site and get your affiliate program off to a roaring start.

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What You Need


Setup Steps

Start searching for affiliates relevant to your niche.


Time to do: 1 week
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Participate in forums that discuss affiliate programs and management. Always include your affiliate program link when you make your posts.

  • Find super affiliates and get them to join your program.
  • Check affiliates promoting your competitors' programs and try to offer them a better opportunity on your program.
  • Join events and conferences for affiliates and work on building your network.
  • Motivate your affiliates and encourage others to join your program by holding an incentive contest.
  • Offer good conversion rate and high payout for new affiliates.

Potential Results

Getting yourself the right service will help you find high quality affiliates every single month. Recruit the right affiliates for your niche and get up to 1,000 visitors in the first few weeks. You could generate $300 to $500 in the first month of doing this.


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