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Joint Ventures are temporary or short- term partnerships that you form with other businessmen, in order to expedite your business' success. This involves an agreement that benefits both parties as you share in the costs and the risks, as well as the rewards.

There are several ways you could find a partner. You could look through your own circle, join events, go on special sites and marketplaces, or do a Google search. 

I find that joining forums is a reliable way to find your future joint venture, partner. The first reason being that it's a common way. Meaning there will be tons of people signing up for these forums, increasing your possibility of forming the relationship you've been searching for.

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What You Need


Setup Steps

Go for a well known site like Warrior Forum.

Find joint venture partners.


Time to do: 2 weeks
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Provide help and be active on Warrior Forum. If not, your posts on Joint Ventures won't be taken seriously.

  • Focus on 1 or 2 partners before expanding to more.
  • Communicate and get to know an interested party before agreeing to work together.
  • Read the rules, follow them, and be courteous to people.
  • Some members aren't there for the most legitimate reasons, be cautious.

Potential Results

Take care to screen through each post because there are many trolling around forums. Still, you'll be sure to find tons of new connections. Work hard enough and with the right people and you could earn up to $5,000 a month. 


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