Buy Expired Domains For PBNs and Turn A Profit Fast By Selling Them

Link building is one of the most practiced options to generate traffic to your money site. Many digital marketers have sought expired domains to be bought and registered as a Private Blog Network (PBN). They then place a link that leads to their money site, and that's that. The reason why this works well is because these expired sites still contain high-value links that are still applicable once you buy and register it. For instance, a site that's been used for a certain political campaign. That site would've linked to several notable news and government sites. Once you bring it back, the links are still good enough to be PageRank 3. So when you link it to yours, your site will have PR 3 links directing people towards it. That's good enough to get you on Google's top list for your keyword. Of course, with so many expired domains out there, you're going to need a system that not only helps you find

Of course, with so many expired domains out there, you're going to need a system that not only helps you find them but also helps you find the ones that work for your niche and is valuable enough to be bought. And when you're done, there are marketplaces for you to sell them. Source Revive, by SEO expert Alex Becker, is a service that helps you find expired but already registered domains and good PBNs that are related to your niche. You can find them by doing a Reverse Crawl, Keyword Crawl, and URL Crawl. It works fast, it's easy to understand and use, and offers a full refund if you feel like it's not for you. KonKer is also by Alex Becker. It's a marketplace where you make money by selling stuff like domains, links, and PBNs or offering your services to people. Signing up is free and offers 17.5% Affiliate Commissions.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Prepare to search for domains.

Sign up and search.

Once you're ready to sell.

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 4 weeks
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Expired domains usually go for $10 or less.

Don't overspend, unless you intend on keeping it for yourself to build up your money site.

Do extensive keyword research.

Sell an expired domain searching service on KonKer. You're already doing it anyway.

If you have a website, promote it through there to get a commission. But be careful not to spam your affiliate link. Sell in bulk and offer promos and sales to get you on the homepage by Monday.

Create a thorough and professional description for your services. Send customers to other stores on KonKer and get 20% revenue of their purchase.

Create coupons, promos, and specials. Exceed expectations for

Potential Results

Sites like Source Revive can generate thousands of available domains in a 2 hour crawl. With so many potential expired domains for you to sell, you could earn $250 to $500 a month from the new traffic you generate alone. You could earn more when you're ready to sell those domains off.


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