Find eCommerce Success As You Sell Your Digital Products

Selling is one of the most basic and straight to the point ways for you to earn money. In the past, if you had something to sell, you'd build a store, put your products there, and wait for customers to go through the door and offer you money for them. If you succeed, you open up another branch. Several branches turn into one huge company that needs offices in several countries. This means more money, but definitely more expenditures.

Of course, now, you don't need branches, nor a huge office. You could be at an office of your local residence and still sell to somebody halfway across the world with the power of the internet and a good shipping service. It's easier to reach people on a global scale now. Without leaving your office and writing out several hefty checks, you could earn so much more.

But it gets better. Instead of selling physical products that carry the troubles of storage, inventory, and shipping, you can sell a digital product. Earn money from the comforts of your bed. Have everything you need in your computer, and sell to everyone everywhere.

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What You Need


Setup Steps

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 4 weeks
Time to see results: 2 months

Additional Tips

Do variable pricing to offer different image sizes, audio quality, or license periods.

Offer your products for a special price when bought in a bundle package.

Provide screenshots, video clips and sneak peeks of your products.

Potential Results

Easy Digital Downloads give you an excellent way to sell your products in a familiar environment. With the right products and right marketing methods, you could generate up to $350 in the first month and up to $5,000 a month after.


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