Creating A Personal and Creative Blog On Tumblr

A personal blog is something that you create for you about your interests. It's a fun way to hone your writing skills, share your interests with people, and earn a passive income out of it. But many bloggers have turned this hobby into a successful business.

Choosing a blogging platform is a daunting task. But it gets a little easier when all you want is a space for you to publish your articles and gain a following with an engaged community. There are many sites that let you start a simple and creative blog without you needing to create or set anything up from scratch. This is a good start for anybody dipping their toes into the world of blogging.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Answer the following:

Choose a platform. Tumblr is a good option when you want to share content quick and gain a following.

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 3 months

Additional Tips

Create interaction with your followers and readers by enabling the “Ask and Submit” feature on your blog settings.

Tag your posts with relevant keywords to increase your content visibility from searches.

Create content that initiates response or action from your readers.

Post great images within your blog content.

Follow other blogs.

Encourage others to repost your content on other platforms by adding social sharing buttons to your posts.

Focus on your niche.

Analyze when most of your audience is online and publish your blog posts at that right time.

Potential Results

As a total beginner starting in a simple blogging platform, you will not be able to feel yourself earning money for the first few months. But once you get things started, you can earn up to $500 – $1,000 per month.


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