How To Create A Profitable WordPress Membership Site

Offering any type of membership for your business is a great way to engage your customers as well as have a clearer perspective of how your business is doing and which parts you could improve on. But creating a membership on your own would require you to have some coding knowledge or experience. You'll need to tailor it to how you want it to be and generate landing pages to grow your list of members. This isn't always easy for a lot of people. But there are many plugins and themes that will help.

Aside from those, we're also going to discuss creating your site on WordPress. It's one of the most notable platforms available to this day. The reason why we will be using WordPress is because it's open source, familiar, and so many themes and plugins, created to make your work a little easier, has been designed for WordPress.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Make tons of your content free.

Ensure that your free content becomes a valuable source.

Focus on making your registration process easy and effortless.

Offer a free trial instead of a money back guarantee.

Use content drip-feeding to keep your subscribers hooked.

Potential Results

Starting off empty and getting new members will be a challenge. You must remember that it's possible for you to earn less than $300 during the first month. But once you get the ball rolling, you could earn $3,000 the next month and keep moving up from there. Start your site and introduce your members to an inviting environment they can be loyal to in order to assure you of a steady income stream.


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