Email Service Providers: Growing Your Business Through Newsletters

It's vital for you to be able to engage your customers and users regularly. While being active on social media and replying to messages and comments is effective, writing and sending out newsletters is a great way to stay engaged as well as update them about your company and your products.

Succeed on doing so with by getting yourself the right email service provider. Find one that lets you create professional looking newsletters with ease and gives you the flexibility to run the campaigns that you want. There are many that are well- known to digital marketers and many that offer the same packages. It all boils down to your preference and which unique features capture your attention.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Due diligence time.

Sign up and set up your account

Add/build your list.

Set up your organization or business within Constant Contact.

Create your newsletter email.

Grow your subscribers by integrating your sign up form to your WordPress site.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Brand your campaigns by inserting a logo or a custom header in your newsletters and using colors associated with your brand. Include your contact information and social media links in the footer or anywhere in the newsletters. Make it easy for your audience to subscribe to your campaign by posting a signup form on your website, Facebook page and other mediums where they are actively engaged. Create a welcome email that gets received by every new subscriber of your campaign. Give your audience information what to expect if they sign up for your newsletters. Make your content relevant and shareable. Be mindful of your stats. Use the free tools to generate reports with information about your stats of each of your campaigns. Personalize the subject line and content of your email newsletters.

Potential Results

With the right time, the perfect marketing, and great content, you could double and constantly increase the number of subscribers you already have. Having tons of subscribers, even if they don't all make purchases, still means an increase in your revenue.


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