Buy Better Websites On Flippa With A Little Help From Buying Tools

An increasing interest in earning money online has provided numerous opportunities for newbies and digital marketing experts alike. Anywhere you go, you'll find an ad selling a place, a professional selling a site, or a freelancer selling their services. Sadly, this also means that there are more bogus offers and scams circulating around the internet. Even when you're just looking for work, there are people who try to put one over you so you have to be diligent.

So when you're interested in buying a site, which is what we're interested in doing, you'll have to be extra careful. Sure, you can check legitimate online marketplaces like Flippa. But that doesn't entirely assure you of the authenticity of the intentions of each seller. This is why you should consider getting some tools to help you as you're looking for sites to buy within these marketplaces.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Run searches.

Do due diligence.

Move on to Flippa.

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 5 weeks
Time to see results: 2 months

Additional Tips

Up your FlipFilter Game – Use the Opportunity Finder to zero in on an option you'd like to explore as you search for listings with untapped potential, and Maven to get a listing of recommended sites that fit your overall goals. Play with all the features provided and get as much research as you can.

Don't transact outside of Flippa – Despite all the research and due diligence, if something goes awry and you didn't complete the transaction on the site, Flippa can't help you.

Stay in contact with the seller – A month after a transaction, sellers are usually still around to help you figure out how to run the site on your own. But if that's not the case, stay in contact with them. They can offer you a lot of advice and handy little tutorials to make life a little easier.

Understand your market – For the first few weeks of you owning the site, get stats on what's trending both in and out of your site. Find the ones that need improvements and figure out how you can improve them.

Build up your Adsense sites – Get an affiliate program and place your discount code in a prominent area. You may need to experiment to see which area performs best. Maximize your Adsense earnings by fixing the layout of your site, and add Adsense to inner pages.

Get traffic going – Create and connect your social media accounts, make YouTube videos, work on your SEO, create more content, and sell something.

Outsource – Just because you can do everything yourself, doesn't mean that you should. Outsource for writers, VAs, and more to speed up your progress. Having a little more breathing room will give you more time to focus on how your business can evolve.

Potential Results

An established website in the hands of a determined new owner can earn $250 to $500 per month on the first few months. Of course, this depends on the site you have and how well the turnover and communication was between you and the previous owner. It will take some time to get used to everything, but you'll definitely expect to earn more once you do.


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