Build Your Own Successful Coupon Affiliate Site With Ease

People love a good bargain. Masses fall in line overnight for huge sales, stores are overwhelmed during Black Friday, and dainty women will fight for a coveted and highly discounted item. Even online, consumers look for coupons, discounts, and all sorts of sales before making any purchase. This makes coupon sites lucrative and a good business for starting online marketers to consider.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Customize your theme.

Customize user account setup.

Advertise a banner.

Set up sell space (to allow users to advertise on your website).

Create and setup emails (to allow sending of emails and payment reminders to customers).

Marketing Setup


Time to do: 5 weeks
Time to see results: 3 months

Additional Tips

Give importance to your coupon’s visual appeal. Have it designed to contain your logo and business name.

Partner with a distributor who can deliver your coupons to its customer base.

Explore new businesses - target those who have not experienced online coupons yet.

Get clear agreements with specifics about terms, duration, fees and everything else about your partnership with clients.

Project a sense of urgency on the use of the coupons to trigger customers to purchase them sooner or later.

Use the process of word of mouth to introduce your coupons to those who have not yet explored it online and invite them to your website. You can also join online forums to spread the word about it to the online market.

Potential Results

Starting income can be $300 - $1000 in a month.


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