Automate Your Newsletter Creation Like An Email Expert

Emails have been here since the early 90s and its here to stay. Other software and tools have come and gone but till now, email marketing is still one of the things we make sure to have in our arsenal of marketing methods.

Companies send out newsletters that keep customers informed about new products, promosand updates. This also entices site visitors and users to sign up and allows for a more accurate list of your custoemrs. Make use of an email service that aims to help you improve your platform with notable analytical features and technology tools good for business. 

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Find your service provider.

Build your list.

Create and send your newsletter.

Add your subscription sign up form to your WordPress site.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 week

Additional Tips

Give visitors an incentive to sign up. Increase brand identity and recall by adding your logo and incorporating your brand colors. Make sure your contact details and social media accounts are always present on your newsletters. Personalize your subject line and content. Write relevant content. Check your campaign's progress on the Reports tab. Make use of the marketing automation and create emails that you can drip feed your subscribers depending on a particular action they've done. Track your progress with MailChimp reports

Potential Results

With proper use and strategically sent newsletters, you could build and multiply your subscriber list as well as your revenue. You could go from having 600 subscribers and $500 income per month to double that amount after a month of proper marketing and well-made newsletters. If you have great products then you could very well get more.


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