Automate Your List Segmentation In A Snap

Sending emails to your subscribers keeps them in the loop about your new products and how your company is doing. It lets you keep in touch and stay relevant in their lives.

However, you sometimes lose subscribers because of these newsletters. They feel like you're cluttering up their inbox either because there are too many, or too many that don't concern them. When you keep sending emails people don't relate to or care about, your list of unsubs is going to go up.

Save yourself from that by segmenting  your lists. Create different emails that relate to each different segmentations making your emails more personalized and relevant to your subscribers.

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What You Need

Setup Steps

Preliminary segmentation.

Sign up and set up your account.

Add and manage your contacts.

Segment your list.

Segment your list through email campaigns.

Edit your segments based on criteria.

Delete irrelevant segments.

Create a mailing list.

Merge a mailing list.


Time to do: 1 day
Time to see results: 1 week

Additional Tips

Consider 6 types of segmentation: Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, Buyer Behavior, Influence Level, and Last Interaction. Once you've identified your segment, create messages that are highly-targeted to each segment. Create segments that are identifiable from one another. The more specific your list is, the tighter your messages and campaigns can be. Keep your lists clean and updated.

Potential Results

Make your life easier by segmenting your emails. Having your newsletters and other campaigns sent automatically to varying lists gives you time to work on other stuff to boost your sales and increase your revenue. With the right product, marketing, and attitude, your revenue could improve drastically. I'm talking about 100%. Just always work on your emails content and design and match it with the right provider and tools.


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