Growing your Business with YouTube Marketing

YouTube has played a vital role in the growth of many businesses. Being the second largest search engine in the world, it shows that videos can reach more people compared to written content. More people find videos easier to digest than information-heavy text content. This makes YouTube marketing an essential part for most marketing campaigns.

Advantages of Marketing in YouTube

Video is part of every internet consumer’s daily online experience. Every day, billions of videos get posted and even more people visit the site to get their daily fix thus making the search engine the best place for marketers to find consumers.

  • Videos can get Viral - Videos have the capacity to get viral in less than a day. Through the help of social media and entertainment hungry netizens, videos can get more than a million views in less than 24 hours. This shows the potential of the site to get your message across the globe.
  • Measurement – YouTube allows you to track your videos’ views and likes and even gives you access to an analytics tool to gauge how your videos are performing
  • Free Hosting – Unlike video players and video marketing platforms, posting on YouTube is free. There no added costs to host tons of videos. As long as you comply with their Terms of Agreement, none of your videos will be pulled down.
  • Channel – You can setup your own channel to promote your videos and grow a subscriber base and establish a more solid following just like managing a mailing list in email marketing

How to Launch your YouTube Marketing Campaign

  1. Setup your YouTube Channel – The YouTube consumer landscape has evolved from one hit viral followers to channel-subscribing horde of viewers. It is important to establish your channel as a brand to get a bigger mass base of subscribers. Establish your identity with unique channel art and treat it like it was your Facebook profile picture. Encourage non-subscribers to follow your channel and later on click the subscribe button by uploading an engaging trailer. And direct your visitors and subscribers to your social media accounts by adding social and custom links
  2. Produce Effective Videos – You do not need the help of a production company or professional studio to make effective videos. You can play it safe with low-risk videos as long as they are educational and entertaining. There are video player apps that let you edit your raw footage and turn it into quality production looking videos. Always start your videos with compelling content because face it, we all have very short attention spans. And never forget your call to action.
  3. Upload Content Regularly – Like what they say in Hollywood, you are only as hot as your last project. There is no assurance that all of your videos will become hits so make sure you give your subscribers a regular dose of your channel. And don’t keep them waiting because YouTube will never run out of channels to choose from and you may start losing followers this way.
  4. Optimize Your Videos – YouTube is a search engine so you need to optimize your videos for better placement in search results. Be diligent in writing titles, descriptions and tags. Further enrich your viewers’ watching experience with annotations or text overlays but don’t overpopulate the screen.
  5. Analytics – Always consult YouTube’s analytics tool. Check your viewership, watch time, and traffic source.
  6. Promote you Channel – If you are managing an online marketing campaign, promote across various aspects of your campaign. Endorse not just your main website but your blogs and social media accounts in your YouTube channel and vice versa.


Whenever people find high quality, useful, informational and entertaining content, they immediately hit the like and share button. We are living in a society where everyone seeks approval and everyone else wants to give their mark of approval. Create content that can boost your marketing efforts. Click the blueprints below to learn how to launch effective YouTube Marketing Campaigns.

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