Distributing your Video Content to Help Grow your Business

After getting over the hurdle of creating your video, the next challenge is how to get people to view it. You can’t just post it on your site and leave it there, it has to be distributed. There is no point in using video marketing if you will wait for people see your videos in your website.

What is Video Syndication?

Video syndication is the process of distributing your videos on all video sites and social media channels to communicate your message to a wider audience. This way, your videos contribute to inbound traffic which ultimately generates higher conversion rates.

You can either syndicate your videos manually or through a video distribution platform. The latter is the easier and more convenient option because with just a simple click of a button you can distribute your video/s to various websites.

If you want to do it manually, you can either upload it to YouTube or have it hosted and then use the link to post it to social media sites or you can download the embed link to get the HTML code that would allow websites to play your video. If you were to upload your video to 20 websites manually, you have to do it one by one which is a lot of work and utter waste of time.

How do Video Distribution Platforms Work?

Video distribution platforms make syndication so easy that you don’t have to dedicate a lot of productive hours to your video marketing campaign. Most platforms will allow you to upload your videos and host them on your behalf. To upload videos, you simply need to drag and drop from your computer to the web app. The platform does the encoding for you in whichever format you prefer (avi, glv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mv4, wmv , etc.).

Once your video has been uploaded, you need to give it a title, tag it, and write a description as well as meta description. The most important part in the description is the backlink towards your site. Use keywords that are relevant to your video. All of the content you just added to your video will help search engines index it and in turn give it a good organic raking.

Choose all the video sites and social media channels you want to distribute your video to and in just a matter of clicks your video gets fully syndicated.

Not all video platforms or players offer these features so before deciding which one to use, check out what other consumers are saying about it and see the list of available features.

How does Video Syndication help your Marketing Efforts?

Videos are more engaging compared to text content. You get more traffic from viewers and the people they share it to. Once people start liking and sharing your video content on their social media accounts, your number of viewers and visitors can grow exponentially.

Growing your Business with Syndication

Creating videos have never been simpler, cheaper and easier. Video syndication is an important aspect of email marketing which is intended to help grow your business. To learn more about video syndication, check out the blueprints below.

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