Growing your Online Business with Twitter Marketing

Short, simple, concise but meaningful 140 characters – as short as it is, every tweet has the potential to help your business grow. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter allows more direct communication between followers and the people they follow.

Advantages of Twitter for your Business

Every other business is doing it and so should you. Just like other popular social media platforms, Twitter has an undeniably wide mass base and people get easily addicted to it. Let’s take a look at what Twitter can do for your business.

  • Customer engagement – Twitter is direct to the point. Your customers can voice out what they like and dislike about your brand or your company. The social media population can be quite critical which in a way is good for market research. Listen to your customers and encourage them to talk about their point of views.
  • Everyone else is doing it – Regular people, doing their daily chores all around the globe watch out for tweets from people they are following. This is a good and convenient way to send your message out and show your brand’s personality.
  • Twitter Search – This function is great for market research. You can look at topics and threads and find out people’s point of views which can help you stay on top of the hot topics in your niche.
  • Network –Further broaden your network and market reach by meeting and tweeting with people from all sorts of demographics.
  • Participation in social media – A website alone will not suffice, no matter how fancy it may look. Consumers need to see that you are participating in the whole social media frenzy if you want to gain more credibility and authority.
  • Lead generation – Tweeting about products and special offers can entice people and help generate inbound traffic for your website
  • Customer service – Twitter can be a customer service channel. Though it is not traditional, people still clamor for it because it is a convenient mode of communication.
  • Press releases – Once you have built a substantial number of followers, your twitter account can be an effective press release tool.

How to run a successful Twitter Campaign

Now that you know what a Twitter campaign can do for your business, let’s see some tips on how you should implement your campaign.

  1. Know your industry – Identify what your target audience is, be familiar with what the competition is doing, and research what people are talking about.
  2. Promote your blogs – You can only say so much with 140 characters. Use your blog to say more and your Twitter account to attract people to your blog or website.
  3. Promote the News – Promote fresh content that your followers may be looking for. Help them find the information they need at the soonest possible time.
  4. Be responsive – Never neglect your followers. Engage them and answer their questions diligently. Monitor what everyone is saying about you to understand how your market sees you.
  5. Do not talk about yourself directly – Talking about your brand all the time may look self-serving and hence not appealing. Talk about other topics that are more exciting yet can still lead to your brand.
  6. Establish your authority – Be a follower as well, and retweet what you think will be worthwhile for your network.
  7. Give rewards and create special offers – Motivate your audience to support you even more by rewarding your most loyal followers. Also, create special offers, and launch raffle promos to attract a wider audience and keep your followers loyal to your brand.
  8. Don’t forget the Twitter buttons – Place Twitter buttons across your website so that when you have great content, your followers or visitors can easily share it to their network.

Advancing your Business Goals with Twitter

Though each tweet has a limit on characters, your business opportunities are limitless with Twitter. Just remember to stay honest with your tweets and be consistent at tweeting. If you want to learn more about Twitter marketing, read the blueprints below.

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