Growing your Business with Pay-Per-View Ads

Pay per view advertising or PPV has recently become popular because of its ability to reach a wide audience. It attracts high quality traffic that can help boost your marketing efforts and ultimately increase conversion and sales. Before we continue, let’s define first what PPV is.

What is Pay-Per-View Advertising?

PPV, or sometimes known as CPV or Cost Per View marketing is a type of paid ad campaign that makes use of pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitial advertisements. Advertisers or marketers will only pay if their ad shows on the user’s browser.

The PPV ads appear on a user’s browser once an adware is installed. The adware is usually part of an application like a browser toolbar. Ads popup based on specified actions like searching for matching keywords and going to a URL. You will be charged every time one of your ads appears.

Benefits of PPV Ads

Through PPV Ads, you can reach an audience who may have high interests in your brand since your ads will only appear based on the keywords or domain that you are buying traffic from. This is a direct or targeted approach to get potential customers. Here are some of the benefits that your company can take advantage of with PPV advertising:

High Impact Traffic – You can target a specific group or niche of customers by bidding on the keywords and domains that they will most likely search for or visit. With the right match, you have higher chances of attracting them to your website.

Reduced expenses – It is one of the most affordable forms of pay-per-view advertising since per view can cost as low as 0.015 to 0.02 cents. Furthermore, you have better chances of closing sales with targeted leads.

Brand Exposure –With targeted traffic, you get maximum exposure to high potential customers which ultimately relates to better sales.

How to Launch your PPV Ads Campaign

  1. Look for a PPV network that has good pricing plans, offers real-time statistics, can provide marketing tools, and lets you stay on top of your campaign.
  2. Know your audience and prospective customers. Find out what keywords are highly searched by these people and what websites they frequent.
  3. Keep Tabs – Be diligent in tracking your campaign and find out which targets have high conversion rates and which are performing poorly.
  4. Decide on your pop-ups –You can either choose from landing pages or direct links and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable to use both.
  5. Launch it – No campaign is perfect so it would be best to launch because only then will you be able to determine what your campaign’s flaws are and how to deal with them
  6. Outsourcing – Though this is not part of the process, you can automate the whole campaign by hiring a PPV Service Provider.

Using PPV Advertising to grow your Business

PPV advertising is one of the cheapest paid media advertising methods. It is a more targeted and economical approach to getting prospective clients. If you want to learn more about launching your own PPV advertising campaign, read the blueprints below.

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