Using Media Ads to give your Online Business a Wider Reach

Media advertising or paid advertising is a billion dollar industry and in 2014 alone, almost $140 billion was spent in total by companies, huge and small, who are continuously pushing for business growth. To have reached a global high like this, there is no doubt of how effective it is as a development model.

Why are Media Ads important for business?

Media ads or paid ads cost more than other marketing strategies but they are a great way to make your brand visible to a large audience. Compared to SEO which is passive in nature, media ads are actively displayed on the sides or top/bottom of pages. Similar to physical advertisements, you are paying for ad space and in order to get exposure, you need to pay more.

Different Types of Media Ads

Google Search Ads – This is the most popular type of ad since Google has the biggest share in online searches worldwide. It is managed by the Google AdWords platform and advertising costs vary as you will get charged for every ad click based on the bid you placed on the keyword.

Google Display Ads – These are contextual banner ads displayed in the Google Display Network which is Google’s network of sites that include Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube.

Bing Ads – Just like Google Ads, you only pay on a per click basis. Costs would vary depending on bids placed on the keywords.

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads in itself deserve a full discussion as there are a lot of variations in its ads service. To name a few, your options include page post link, multiproduct ads, page like ads, page photo ads, mobile app ads and offer ads. Ads vary depending on needs. Some generate traffic and leads to your website. Others work on accumulating links and improving customer engagement. And there are event invites that you can use to spread the word of an upcoming event.

PPC Ads – Pay per click ads are widely used, with Google and Bing using the same format. You only pay when an ad gets clicked and payments vary depending on the cost per click and accumulated number of clicks.

Banner Ads – These are image based ads that usually appear at the side, top or bottom of the sites. The size, design and function often vary depending on what the advertiser needs.

Retargeting Ads – Using a user’s web history, retargeting works by leaving a cookie to the user’s browser to show the ad even after he or she visits another site.

Flash Ads – These are ads that use flash design to make them interactive and enticing to the audience. This type of ad is not used that much nowadays.

Mobile Ads – These are ads that appear in applications from mobile devices. Face it, the number of mobile consumers have already exceeded the number of desktop users.

CPM – Also known as cost per impression, you will only get paid for the number of times your ad gets seen

CPA – This type of ad only bills the advertiser for every lead that has been generated.

There are a lot of media ads and to discuss them all would be too dragging. The ads mentioned above are among the most popular and effective ones in the market today.

Grow your Online Business with Media Ads

Media ads, though costly, are worth the time and investment. You cannot rely on SEO alone for your marketing campaign. To further understand different media ads strategies, check out the blueprints below.

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