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Growing Your Online Business through Facebook Marketing

With almost 1.3 billion unique users, Facebook has evolved from a network that lets everyone stay connected with friends and families into an essential tool for promoting a business. Consumers expect their most trusted brands to have their own Facebook business pages which mean for your business, it is a necessity.

How Important is Facebook Marketing?

People spend countless hours on Facebook. Checking feeds has become a daily ritual for most. Consumers consult it when shopping around in order to see what people have to say about a certain product that they should buy. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should not leave Facebook out of your overall marketing plan.

Massive Population – With its current number of users, Facebook ranks next to China and India in population. If it was a country, Mark Zuckerberg would be the president of the third largest nation in the world.

Second most Popular Local Search App – After Google Maps, the Facebook App is the second most widely used app for local search queries on local businesses.

Added Exposure – Facebook started indexing its 2 trillion posts to make them searchable. With the new Search function, users can see what the internet community is talking about in related searches. In your case, this means added exposure.

Video Content Distribution – The new video metrics and page layout has been implemented to compete with leading video platform YouTube. Now, you can post videos directly from Facebook.

Lower Marketing Expenses – A business page is free, and by targeting your ads to interested people, Page Like Ads can be as low as 2 cents per like.

Starting a Facebook Marketing Campaign

  1. Create your business page – Your business page creates your social media identity and lets connects you to your customers allowing one-on-one conversations. With your business page you can reach a wide audience and can gain a deeper understanding of their behavior through the analytics feature.
  2. Target you Audience – Promote your page outside of Facebook. Encourage your customers and supporters to like your business page. And use the Build Audience button to invite friends, share your page, and invite your business contacts.
  3. Keep your Page updated – Be diligent in posting updates, photos, videos and other content. You have to be consistent and authentic with your posts. Find out what your customers like and what would be interesting to them. Another important tip is to be responsive and maintain interaction.
  4. Create Ads –Boost your posts and create targeted ads based on location, interests and other parameters. Connect with more people who may have something to do with your business.
  5. Use Page Insights – Be updated with the activity on your page. Use page insights to identify who responds to your business and view demographic numbers. Learn to measure and adjust based on what you see.
  6. Promote – People love raffles, rewards and freebies. Online raffles and contests play a big role in building your audience. Make sure to reward your top promoters to inspire other followers to promote your page.

Growing your Business with Facebook

People are social beings. Getting approval from society is hard wired to our brains. This is the reason why social media platforms are so addicting, and why Facebook, the biggest of them all, a necessary element in your marketing campaign. See the blueprints below and learn more about Facebook marketing.

View our blueprints about Facebook Marketing below:

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