Creating a Newsletter to Grow Your Online Business

Email Newsletters or eNewsletters are a form of direct mail sent on a regular or semi-regular basis to a list of subscribers. An email newsletter may feature updates, interesting and helpful facts about topics of interest, new product info, special offers and discounts. Most newsletters include hyperlinks to a landing page aimed to convert the reader. Newsletters are typically written by copywriters while layouts and graphics are done by a designer.


The main objective behind sending email newsletters is to market and hopefully convert leads. Aside from having quality content, newsletters need to be targeted based on a mailing list’s segments. Only then will the email marketing effort be effective because non-targeted emails only lead to spam abuse reports, unopened emails, and unsubscribes. Here are some benefits of an email newsletter:

Cost Efficient – Traditional newsletters require an investment for printing and distribution. The cost of sending eNewsletters is limited to the email platform, copywriter and designer if there is one. There are even templates that eliminate the need for a copywriter.

Targeted Marketing – Newsletters with segmented lists allow sending of targeted emails based on demographic criteria which help in higher open and conversion rates.

Better Engagement – Continued interaction with targeted emails result in better subscriber engagement that later generate positive results.

Increased Client Lifetime –Instead of hitting the unsubscribe button, subscribers lookout for your new issues because they know that your newsletter contains useful, interesting content.


Subject Line – Your subject line has a lot to do with your open rate. It should be enticing or even compelling enough to influence your reader to open it. Otherwise it would just end up in the trash folder. You have limited space for the most effective words, depending on the segment that you are sending emails to. Be specific but at the same time keep it interesting.

Infographics – If you have a lot to say, better use infographics to deliver your message. No reader wants to read lengthy emails. Keep your text short, concise and direct to the point then use graphics to keep things exciting.

Quality Content – Marketers usually hire copywriters who specialize in writing effective content. But there are newsletter builders and even email service providers that provide templates which require minimal changes. Your content should also depend on your segment and it’s not just the information that matters, your tone has a lot to do as well.

Use Links - Bring customers to your site. This is what your email campaign is about anyway. You may have the best content in the world but without links and a call to action, your newsletter does not add value to your company.

Reputation – Over time, as your mailing list grows and more and more subscribers find time reading your regular dose of content, your company’s or brand’s image grows with it. Newsletters improve credibility and reputation so make sure you deliver content with integrity.


Email newsletters have been around for ages yet they still work and this classic tactic still reaches customers, help drive traffic and increase conversions. Every marketing campaign should make use of newsletters for better business growth. To learn more, check out the blueprints below.

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