Starting Your Affiliate Program with an Affiliate Network

There are two ways to use affiliate marketing in growing your business. If you want to be hands on with the whole program and recruit your own affiliates, a self-hosted software is advisable. But if you have a lot of other things to focus on and you desire an automated process, then joining an affiliate network is the right step for you.


The best way to understand an Affiliate Network is to think of eBay. Ebay serves as the ‘middle man’ between buyers and sellers online. Sellers, rather than opening their own online shops, register with eBay because it is already an established marketplace and it serves as a host for a battalion of buyers.

An Affiliate Network Platform works almost the same way, wherein it serves as the middle man between merchants or affiliate programs and publishers or affiliates. Affiliates join networks to find numerous offers in one location while merchants can find a decent amount of affiliates looking for programs to join.

With an Affiliate Network, you do not have to worry about marketing your affiliate program to increase your publisher membership. The network does all the legwork like finding new affiliates, overseeing leads and sending out affiliate commissions.


With an online business to manage, you can only do so much on a daily basis. In an Affiliate Network, you only have to deal with the network and not with individual affiliates or publishers. Getting relieved of tasks like recruiting affiliates, managing and paying individual commissions, analyzing your program’s performance and marketing the program itself, you can focus on other tasks that directly affect your online business.

Another benefit that you can get from an Affiliate Network is that most of its affiliates if not seasoned, are already trained with basic affiliate marketing techniques. You no longer have to explain the nitty gritty of affiliate marketing to them and help them setup their sites which could be very time consuming. Most networks recruit affiliates by the thousands on a daily basis.


While it is easy enough to find Affiliate Networks on Google, finding the right one for your business can be challenging especially with the requirements that top networks impose. To join an Affiliate Network, you would usually have to fill out a contact form and wait for someone to contact you. There are networks like Rakuten Marketing that would even for your annual online revenue and unique visits per month. Basically, not everyone is welcome to join.

Choose an Affiliate Network based on the size of your business and the niche that you are in. Smaller networks have similarities among the vendors that they allow to join. The reason behind this is that it would be easier for their affiliates to market products under the same major category.

Check out the type of vendors and affiliates the network has by consulting at reviews and forums. You wouldn’t want to be associated with a shady network if your goal is to grow your online business.


Think of affiliate marketing on an accelerated basis. Once you join a network, you will immediately have affiliates publishing your products on their sites as opposed to running your own campaign and slowly building your army of affiliates. Expect more sales on a daily basis. However, with an Affiliate Network, you have added costs like membership fees and higher commissions.


Joining an affiliate network can trigger accelerated growth for your business as long as you are part of a reliable network. With fewer tasks to worry about, not only will you have more sales but you have more time to focus on other growth tasks. To learn more about Affiliate Network Platforms, checkout the blueprints below.

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