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So you already have an online business? Congrats, as you already know it was no easy feat. Growing and scaling your business can be just as hard or even more difficult than getting started. Fortunately, there are no shortage of different methods and ideas to grow your online business.

Here are the top several ways one can grow their online business:

Affiliate Program

If you sell a product or products on your website then launching an affiliate program can definitely help increase your sales. Simply put such program allows other website owners and marketers to promote your products on the web whether it be via their website, social media, email marketing or other, in exchange for a percentage of the product sale.


It's true you can build a business by starting your own blog, however, you can also create a blog to get more traffic to your existing website such as an ecommerce site. Let's say you're selling tech gear and electronics, you can create a blog that goes in-depth and reviews some of your top selling products. Those types of posts can garner alot of organic search traffic as potential customers are looking for that information before making their buying decisions.

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content marketing

email marketing

paid traffic


social media

video marketing

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Video Marketing

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