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Site builder account

Domain name - You can buy one through a site builder or use an existing one.

Creating Stunning Websites For Freelancers With Incredible Ease

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Being able to earn money online when you’re not selling a product is challenging. It’s especially challenging when you’re selling a service that so many others are offering as well. So what do you do? You get an edge. While other freelancers are busy joining forums and signing up for online job sites, it gives you an edge to direct clients over to your very own website. It shows them a better perspective of who you are as a person and how well you can do your job as an employee.

This can take a while so make things easier for you by signing up at a site builder. Even though it’s faster, it still gets the job done and gives you a lot of flexibility. Getting a site builder is also cheaper than hiring a developer and lets you focus the time and money you would’ve spent on one, trying to figure out how to gain more visibility for you.

Difficulty: Beginner

What You Need

Setup Steps

Marketing Steps


Time to do: 1 day Time to see results: 5 weeks

Additional Tips

Network with like-minded individuals and groups by joining online and in-person events.

Create a landing page for your potential clients.

Set up webinars for your target audience.

Create and publish ebooks specifically for your target clients.

Get known by participating in individual and group interviews.

Potential Results

Most freelancers earn around $500 a month by joining freelance sites. Despite owning a site, you’ll probably earn the same amount for the first couple of months, trying to generate traffic and make connections with clients. After at least half a year, you could be earning a steady income of about $2,500 per month.


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