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What You Need Price
You need an existing blog with quality engaging content
For your content you need a content writer or agency to write your content
High quality images for your blog posts. You can use photospin.com.
Buffer.com to syndicate to social networks

Using Your Blog for Content Marketing to Drive More Traffic and Sales to Your Site

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How to use blogging as a form as content marketing to drive more traffic and ultimately more sales at your website. Effective blogging for content marketing is more than just writing some posts and hoping people find your content. It’s about writing engaging content and enabling those who can further share your content in your industry. Follow this recipe to get started with your content marketing efforts.

Difficulty: Intermediate

What You Need

Setup Steps

Marketing Steps


Time to do: 1.5 Time to see results: 1.75

Additional Tips

ote down which posts have been shared hundreds to thousands of times.
Then try and write content similar to these highly popular content.
Create a blog and add at least 5 quality posts with at least 800 to 1000 words for each post
Add highly relevant and engaging pictures in your blog post.
Syndicate to your social media accounts.
Followup with any comments on your b

Potential Results

4 Servings, 3 Cups, 6 Bowls, etc.

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