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The Painless Road To Becoming An Authority Blog

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The best thing about having a blog is realizing that you’ve become an authority. It’s every blogger’s dream; even those that consider blogging a way to unwind or a hobby; to have people heed your words and seek your opinions on a certain topic or niche. The fact that it pays even better is the rich buttercream icing on the cake. The first step to becoming an authority blog is putting yourself in an environment that will not only help you learn but also has an extensive list of helpful experts to inspire you.

Difficulty: Beginner

What You Need


Setup Steps

Find the service that fits your needs. If you’re interested in The Blog Marketing Academy, you can sign up for The Lab.

Marketing Steps


Time to do: 2 weeks Time to see results: 5 months

Additional Tips

Pick a niche that solves a problem for people. This narrows it down to a specific target; a target that needs a solution. This also makes your goal clearer, making each step more defined.

Turning your blog into an authority site will take a lot of time and effort. Blog Marketing Academy spent 5 months building up solid backlinks to get them to where they are now. Don’t be discouraged if you’re site doesn’t pick up as quickly as you had hoped.

Explore different monetization methods. Innovations and trends change so stay updated and maybe spy on competition a bit to find out which ones are working the best.

Potential Results

The first few months will be slow and you’ll probably earn up to $500 a month. But succeed as an authority blog and you could earn as much as $10,000 a month; popular ones like Pinch of Yum earn more than $30, 000.


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