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Plan with landing page builder.

Build Your Email Lists and Increase Your Conversions With A Good Landing Page Builder

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Every digital marketer knows that the money is in the list. Without one, there’s not much to expect in terms of conversions. This is you get yourself a good landing page.

Landing pages are where you get customer information such as names, email addresses, and more. It’s a good way to start creating a list for you to send your newsletters to.

Create the landing page of your dreams with a great landing page builder.

Difficulty: Beginner

What You Need

Setup Steps

Get LeadPages

Create a landing page.


Time to do: 1 day Time to see results: 1 month

Additional Tips

Offer something as incentive for signing up. Create a split test on asking for credit card details. Create videos on product demonstrations and tutorials. Work on customer service by using live chat. Offer extended trials to active users. Ask them for feedback and testimonials. Add statistics on your newsletters, subscribers, and page views.

Potential Results

Get an instant increase of 10% in your sales that’s sure to gradually increase. Your conversions are also going to go improve by over 200%. Get a bigger list and launch bigger campaigns.


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