Why do companies rebrand by upgrading their domain name? Companies rebrand for many reasons, and one solid “why” is they want a new brand identity to get ahead of the curve.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of rebranding specifically on taking the best domain for your brand, its importance, and how you’ll carry out a successful rebrand rollout plan.

who do companies rebrand

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a marketing strategy where a company makes significant transformations in its brand name, logo, symbol, and other important brand assets. The main purpose of rebranding is to offer a new brand identity in the eyes of the customers as well as competitors.

Rebranding is the process of upgrading a brand to stand out and have a stronger position in the marketplace. Trust and credibility go a long way in converting visitors into paying customers. An existing brand might rebrand to attract new customers and boost profits.

Due to a highly competitive market, companies rebrand to stay on top of the competition. Every company looking to become more competitive, more recognizable, and more established in their industry resorts to rebranding. This is why even the most successful brands rebrand.

How about going for a rebrand to get the best domain name that matches your company? A good domain name defines a brand and can make a lasting impression on your business.

What is a rebranding checklist pdf?

A rebranding checklist is a step-by-step guide for a smooth company transition. We all know how challenging and complex rebranding could be.

A rebranding tool ensures that you’ll go through the rebranding process easily as there are steps to be followed along the way. There is no hard rule and specific structure for a corporate rebrand.

There are a lot of visible changes in rebranding and they could backfire if not done right. A checklist will guide the stakeholders and decision-makers in going through the transition process to ensure that everything is in place.

Why Choosing the Best Domain Name for a New Brand Identity Matters

There are many business strategies to stand out in the crowded industry, and one of them is by making sure you’re rebranding using the best domain name for your business. A domain name is a holy grail for every business, and we’ll tell you why:

  1. The best domain name is crucial for your branding. It defines your brand- who you are, what you offer, who you target, and what you do.
  2. It impacts your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. The best domain uses keywords that are good for your ranking.
  3. A good domain can make a lasting impression on your business because it is the first thing your visitors see.

Branding is the way you tell your customers, competitors, internal and external stakeholders, and people who don’t know you, your story. A wrong domain name can impact how people perceive your brand.

The best domain is powerful, trustworthy, and memorable. And companies that don’t have such names would likely lead them to rebrand.

Another thing is that a strong online presence for any business today is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. To lead the competition, you need to have the best domain name that matches your business.

Based on research, 81 percent of consumers said they need to trust a brand before they purchase from them. Consumers aren’t only concerned about their product experience. They are also concerned about the consumer experience that the brand promises.

who do companies rebrand

What is Your Company’s Best Domain Name for Rebranding?

An existing brand with the wrong domain name can think and plan for a rebrand. But how are you going to choose the most appropriate domain name for your company?

Let’s get started and talk about the best domain names to get for your rebranding.

A brandable domain name is better than a generic one.

A domain name is how your potential customers will find you. Let’s differentiate a brandable from a generic domain:

A brandable domain is unique and will stand out in the industry. A generic one is keyword focused and may be too general that it will not be as memorable because you may sound the same as other companies or even your competitors.

Let’s take a look at some generic domains: realestate.com, realestatenewjersey.com, and realestateproperties.com. Can you tell the difference between these domains?

Choosing this type of domain for your brand strategy may require more creative thinking. Do you think it will attract visitors to visit your site?

However, if your business name is “ACME Real Estate LLC”, registering a brandable domain name like ACMErealestate.com or ACME.com will differentiate you from the crowd. 

There is an instant “trust” factor attached to your domain.

Using the best domain for your brand is advisable especially in rebranding. For one, it satisfies the user’s intent. It gives them an idea of what your business is all about before they access your site.

Using a brandable domain is important. You will be called by your company name. Your brand will stick to the mind of your visitors.

who do companies rebrand

Use the best domain name extensions for your rebranding.

Now that you’re planning your business strategy for rebranding, you should know that .com in domains is still the most preferred and the best one to use.

About 52.3 percent of global websites used a .com top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension as of April 2021, according to Statista study. The .com TLD has gained traction to website users because it’s short and easy to remember.

This is also the reason why many users would search a company’s URL using .com because they are familiar with it. If the .com domain extension isn’t available, .net and .org are the next better options.

For example, several companies are using the name “Gemini,” but there’s only one business that is registered as Gemini.com. It’s an advantage for the business because people who will be searching for the name “Gemini” on search engines are directed to the site.

Technically, businesses using “Gemini” lose traffic to “Gemini.com.” And this is another powerful reason why you should be using a brandable domain name.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the “trust” factor in the dotcom URL is there. So, if you’re rebranding still the best option for you is the .com domain extension.

who do companies rebrand

Short domain names are more powerful than long domains.

As you plan a new domain for your rebranding, don’t forget that shorter is better. Short domains are memorable and easy to read.

Ideally, short domain names consist of two words or less. Since it’s concise, there’s a tendency that it sticks quickly in someone’s head. A repeat transaction is likely to happen with a short domain.

This is the reason why short domains exude trust and credibility. More and more brands use short domains for branding purposes.

The only disadvantage of using a short domain is the probability that it’s already taken. With the popularity of short domains, especially those with one word or keyword, short domains come with a valuable price.

Just a reminder, not all best domain names have to be short or be a one-word domain. For rebranding purposes, always use the best domain that’s unique to your brand. Lastly, remember the do’s and don’t’s of formulating the best domain names.

Examples of Successful Rebrands of Domains

If your business is experiencing slow business growth, low traffic, or needs a fresh start after a bad year, you may be due for rebranding. You need to build a strong brand to have a successful business.

To give you hints on what a successful rebranding is, here’s a list of successful rebrands we know:


When you hear the name “Dunkin,” you automatically think of donuts right? However, in September 2018, the famous donut company dropped the word “donuts” because they wanted to be on a “first-name” basis with their customers.


Did you know that Google was formerly known as BackRub? Cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin initially called their search engine “BackRub,” to tell how their invention analyzes backlinks to establish a site’s ranking. A year after, “Google” was accidentally bornt after typing “Google” instead of “googol.”


The latest and perhaps the most controversial rebranding happened with the social media giant Facebook. On October 28, 2021, the CEO and chairman of Meta Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook rebranded to Meta (Metaverse) to focus on the 3D version of the internet and not just being known as a social media app.


Before the e-commerce giant was called “Amazon,” it was given the name “Cadabra” from 1994 to 1995. However, the brand name didn’t gain much popularity, and worst, a lawyer mistyped it for the word “cadaver.” With negative associations, founder Jeff Bezos settled for the name Amazon which means exotic and different.


Another successful rebrand using a new domain is Nike. The iconic sports brand was earlier known as “Blue Ribbon Sports” and “Dimension Six.” Thanks to an employee who suggested that they go for the name “Nike” which suggests the Greek goddess of victory.

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Why Do Companies Need to Rebrand?

Is it time to make a change? Rebranding is the right decision if you think that your market, vision, mission, values, and domain name no longer reflect your brand.

Let’s take a look at more valid reasons why you might think it’s time to rebrand your domain name:

Mergers, Demergers, and Acquisitions

Mergers, demergers, and acquisitions are the most common reasons to go for a rebrand. When a business changed its ownership, a rebrand is necessary immediately. These happenings signify that major changes have taken place, so rebranding the domain is recommended.

New Philosophy

The vision, mission, and values should align with your brand at all times. When you’re heading in a different or new direction, rebranding is necessary.

Repositioning your Business

If your business is looking to modify your brand positioning or brand promise, rebranding should be a top priority. It’s because everything- your products and services, company logo, and corporate identity should be linked to your company strategy and promise.


Another reason to go rebranding is when a company is expanding its operations abroad. Rebranding can be an option for some brands to grow internationally. One popular example of this is the brand Twix.

Twix was formerly known as “Raider,” until it changed its name in the late 1990s. With its aim to target audience, boost sales, and improve brand image internationally, it resorts to a rebrand.

Customer Needs Have Changed

When the needs of your target audience have changed, you might need to go for a transformation. One company SmarterHQ , known before as  “Smarter Remarketer,” went for a brand revamp after the needs of their customers for digital marketing changed.

The Need to Stand Out in The Market

Sometimes, brand names happen to be the same, or some companies are offering similar products and services. When this happens, the competition is becoming more crowded making it harder for you to stand out of the competition. This situation calls for a rebrand.

New Management

Do you have a new CEO? New CEOs mean that there will be new management, new rules, new operations, and many new elements in your business. Rebranding is necessary to make improvements and prevent some issues from the past management.

Does Your Existing Brand Needs Rebranding

Rebranding brings a lot of benefits, but can also be risky if done the wrong way. And since changes in a brand are visible in rebranding, you should carry out the task carefully, while seeking the approval of the stakeholders in your business.

Do You Need a Rebrand or Brand Refresh?

With the goal of achieving a new corporate identity, does your business just need to refresh or rebrand? In this part, we’re going to tell you how these two terms differ from each other and help you make a wise decision in improving your branding.


  • You need to rebrand if your business has an outdated image. A new brand image is essential.
  • You need to revamp your entire visual identity.
  • The need for a new market or new audience.
  • You need to change your company’s mission, vision, and promise.


  • Updating your slogan.
  • You need a complete modification of your brand’s color.
  • Your brand needs a logo change, perhaps a graphic design.
  • You need to update your marketing materials such as business cards.

A lot of times, companies will go for a refresh rather than a rebrand because rebranding is a daunting task. When you refresh, you only modify some parts of your business like your logo, color, or marketing materials.

However, going for a rebrand would mean undergoing a complete overhaul . It’s like building your brand again from scratch which often involves a lot of money.

Is Rebranding Cheaper Than Launching an Entirely New Company From Scratch?

If you’re considering rebranding your business and thinking if you can save more money than building an entirely new company from scratch, the answer would depend on some factors. One, rebranding costs depend on to what extent you want to improve your brand.

Both strategies would cost a lot of money, of course. Rebranding costs around 10 to 20 percent of your marketing budget while building a new brand from scratch costs about hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your business.

Is Rebranding Important?

Rebranding is important for a business in so many ways. It provides a new visual identity, provides a modern image, and new growth to a company experiencing slow movement.

It’s not easy to rebrand because the company enters a phase of complete transition. It’s also bound to fail if the stakeholders aren’t strategic enough. However, making sure you have a rebranding checklist and open communication with the decision-makers can make a big difference.

How Does the Process Work to Find an Upgraded Premium Domain Name?

Now you’ve decided to go for a rebrand of your domain, you need to check if your best domain name is available. Type your best domain in your browser.

Premium domains can be up for sale by domain registrars or present owners. If you found out that it’s active, it’s probably owned by a legitimate company. When it’s parked, you need to check how you’ll reach out to the current owner (check a link or form on the page) so you can purchase it.

A premium domain with a page not showing up may or may not be for sale. Contact a domain name broker to help you on how you can acquire it for you.

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How to Create a Rebrand Rollout Plan

After finding your best domain, it’s time to make a purchase. Purchasing a premium domain could take longer than when you purchase a domain from a registrar.

The first thing that you need to do is to decide whether the rebrand rollout will be carried out by an in-house team or hire an agency to do it. You need to ensure that these elements are checked:

  • Check who is your audience. A lot of brands commit mistakes in rebranding because they fail to consider who their audience is.
  • Take an inventory of your brand assets from social media profiles, graphics, print ads to business cards. Work on prioritizing which needs to be updated first.
  • Consider your internal stakeholders in the rebranding process.
  • Check the details of your new brand online- domain name, content, website, social media pages, and more.
  • Choose a date to launch your new brand.


There are tons of success and failure stories about businesses transforming and changing their names. Rebranding can help your business grow. However, it also comes with a price and often consumes a lot of your business resources.

If you’re considering rebranding your domain name, make sure you have a valid reason. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and consider the future of your brand. Is it worth the time, cost, and effort?

To learn more about rebranding your company website with a premium domain name, visit our marketplace to browse our inventory.