Using the Right Practices to Rank High in the Search EnginesSome of the best SEO practices that could get you ranked higher on search engines, are commonly overlooked. Websites may contain some very interesting information that offers the best solutions for a web user’s problem, but fail to practice the most effective ways of increasing their web presence, to rank higher on popular search engines as Google, Bing and others.

A few practices of consideration that are overlooked when considering SEO are, content writing, link building, picture alt text, XML site map and Meta tagging. Looking into each one of these practices, can help websites gain a higher web visibility.

Some of the Best SEO Practices That Could Get You Ranked High on Search Engines

Content Writing – When writing articles be clear to:

  • Engage the reader – Any content that does not grab the interest of the reader, will not gain popularity on the web. Meaning, it will not get bookmarked on popular social network sites as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, by these particular readers.
  • Add search engine popular keywords – This way your site speaks the same language as popular search engine and is categorized in their particular indexes. Such categorization creates for better search visibility.

Link Building

  • Guest Post – Smaller populated websites have a chance to get noticed on larger populated ones. Once you interacts with topics and other member’s comments on such site, any links associated with your post(s) is in a good position – among a highly populated site – to get noticed. It is highly recommended to add search engine keywords in every guest post as well, this way the posts can also show on search engine results as well.
  • Testimonial – Many sites trade testimonials for a website link. In other words, if you were to write a testimonial for a website’s service, that site would post a link of your website on their website. This is a great way to show up when that website has been searched. If the searcher visits the website, your website’s link will show as well.

XML Site Map
A site map of a language (Extensible Markup Language) that search engines understands. It relays information such as the available URLs of a site. Once it’s set up according to user preference, search engines can consider the site map’s URLs as references to particular associated content, when crawlers searches are of its interest.

Picture Alt Text
This is the text that search engines use to understand a site’s image. An alt text is what shows when a visitor hovers a mouse pointer over a picture. A good alt text description of a picture should include search engine keywords. Try not to keyword stuff, doing so may result in a website ban.

Meta Tagging
Tells the search engine what your site is about. This is an opportunity to entice the reader to click on your site’s link. This is the best opportunity to add suffixes of keywords. For example, if a searcher searches for “skiing trips” and your title reads ski trips. If you include skiing in your meta tag your listing will still pull up from that “skiing trips” search.

The list can go on with the Best SEO Practices That Could Get You Ranked, but sticking to its guns, can take you a long way. Check out our SEO category for more tips on improving your site rankings in the search engines..the white hat way.