Ten Amazing Tips for Your First Outsourcing ProjectHere are ten powerful tips for launching a successful outsourcing project online.

1. You might already know this, but you should take the time to clearly define a scope and set a schedule for your project. A successful outsourcing efforts begins with stating the project, its goals, and the time frame in which it can be completed.

Without these three components, you will have poor results. Sit down ahead of time and have each of these areas clearly defined before you post your project.

2. Experience is very important. Your ideal service provider will have the experience required to perform the job. Always begin looking through your candidates from this end of the list.

You don’t want to be the first job a person undertakes. Instead, you want service providers that have done similar jobs and have something to show.

3. Start with a small project and move to larger projects after you find a group of workers or a worker who you can trust. Don’t let your first outsourcing project be the biggest project sitting on your table. Wait and find the workers you can use again.

4. Make certain that all ownership of the completed work is established up front. Whether one party or both parties keep ownership of the work is up to you. However, it is best to avoid any confusion that may cause legal fees later.

5. Always get it in writing before you begin the project. Once the project is underway, there should be no confusion or misinterpretations. A well-written contract will guarantee that everyone is on the same page – no pun intended.

6. Take the time to review any samples they submit as well as their portfolio. These are two important components for any service provider. If their sample is poor, then you know they aren’t right for the job. If their portfolio is properly maintained, then they may not be serious about their position.

7. Treat a potential service provide just like you might treat a potential employee. Ask them the questions that matter and get to the point. Don’t waste anyone’s time, but find out if they are right for the job.

Ask about school, previous work, and why exactly they are the right person for the job. You might be surprised by some of your answers.

8. Once the project is complete, you might still need support for the completed work. This depends on the goals of your outsourcing project, but it is a common problem. If you believe you will need future support after the project is completed, then establish this clause up front.

9. Don’t choose your service provider entirely based on price. This can be an extremely misleading number, especially when people don’t know how to properly bid. You may hire the cheapest worker, but the cheapest worker is probably the least qualified or experienced.

10. Always pay on time and tie the payment to specific milestones throughout the project. You want to build a trust with the worker and prompt, scheduled payments are the key. Tie these payments to specific milestones and they will have more incentive to work harder.

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