Outsourcing to Take Your Affiliate Marketing to the Next LevelIf you’ve had some minor success with promoting affiliate products you’re probably wondering what you can do to move up the ladder to the next level. You seriously want to become a super affiliate and start making six figures in affiliate marketing so you can quit your “day job” and come “home” full time.

Well, it is possible for you to come home full time if you pull out all the stops and truly devote yourself to affiliate marketing as your career choice. Once you are earning money it is important to invest in your business so that you can take it to the next level. Remember that you are only one person, and if you really want to reach your dream of quitting your job, or making this part time endeavor earn a full time income, you’ll need to think strategically.

Outsource – You’re only one person, and you only have so many hours in the day. The quickest way to increase your reach and your income is to outsource various administrative tasks to someone trained to do those tasks.

You can outsource to:

  • Virtual Assistants – Handles administrative tasks such as customer service, formatting eBooks, eReports, checking email, posting blogs and content.
  • Graphic Designers – Handles all your graphic needs such as banners, book covers, and can even design special buttons and graphics for your website.
  • Affiliate Managers – If you create your own product which you want to promote via your own team of affiliates an affiliate manager can help boost sales by directing your sales army and motivating them. The affiliate manager would also create or have created banner ads, text ads, and marketing materials for your affiliates to use.
  • Content Managers & Producers – The content manager would handle all content for your site from creating a publication calendar, to writing or having written the content, and posting or having posted the content where appropriate.  The Content Producer would only write content as directed. He or she can then send it to your VA to post.
  • Web Developers/Designers – This person would design your website, and perhaps maintain your website in terms of security and upgrades and updates.

Some people choose to employ an Online Business Manager sometimes referred to as an OBM to organize and lead all the people above including your activities. The OBM can help keep you on track with product creation, newsletters, and your marketing goals. There are others to whom you can outsource but it is best to start small. Always remember your budget, and once you’ve started earning some money stick to a budget for outsourcing so that you can run your business the way you want to.

By outsourcing various tasks you can concentrate on what it is you do well. Perhaps you’re an idea person who can churn out money making ideas but you’re not good at implementing them. If you have a staff at your fingertips you can simply tell you Content Manager to find someone to write the eBook or eReport or other informational product that you want per the terms of your outline. Then it will be created fast and you can keep coming up with ideas and work on the more “fun” aspects of your business like engaging in social media while sitting on the beach someplace. Now, that is truly taking your business to the next level.