Online Business Outsourcing - Gaining Control by Letting GoMost people think of outsourcing as something “Big Business” does, taking all our jobs “off shore”. However, even a solo entrepreneur can’t do everything themselves. Oftentimes people who work from home running and Internet business have a hard time letting go because they feel like they’re losing control. The truth is, by outsourcing various tasks of your business, you actually gain more control. You will gain control of your time, which will enable you to do more for your business and your family.

What is Outsourcing?
Outsourcing is different form hiring an employee. With an employee, you would guide their day-to-day activities depending on what you wanted done on any given day. When you outsource to an Independent Contractors you’re actually forming a kind of partnership. You’ll give this partner the full responsibility of performing the tasks that they set up their business to perform. You must be able to develop a trusting, professional relationship with your contractors. You won’t be there to supervise every aspect of their performance like you can with an employee.

In many ways, you give the outsourced tasks over completely to your contractor — it’s theirs to perform. While you certainly want to check up occasionally to ensure that the tasks are done properly, you won’t be telling them exactly how to do it or what time to do it. You will assign a due date of course, and expectations, but you won’t tell them exactly how to do it, or give them the tools to do it, other than passwords, user names and that type of thing. This is their business so you have to let go and let them do it.

Get Help, Then Let Go!
Letting go can be frightening, but think about the fact that other business owners who have bricks and mortar businesses let go and let their employees do their jobs. They let cashiers do the job of a cashier, they let their bookkeepers do their bookkeeping job, their secretary does what he or she does, and so forth. A good business manager does not micro manage every aspect of each job, instead, a good business manager will let employees or contractors know what  the expectations are, invite the person to ask questions, and then let them do their job.

By letting go in this manner when you outsource, you will be able to grow your business that much faster because you will be able to concentrate on tasks that earn money, rather than tasks that must be done but simply take up your time. The important thing is that you maximize your efficiencies and let other businesses maximize theirs. In other words, you do what you’re good at and let your contractors do what they’re good at. If you are doing more of your core business activities, you’re going to automatically earn more money.

When you start earning more money, you’ll naturally gain more control. In that way you are going to gain more control by letting go and outsourcing tasks that you don’t want to do, can’t do well, or that are non-money making activities that just have to be done such as posting articles on an article marketing site, or updating your webpage, or handling customer service issues. There are so many different aspects of your business that can be outsourced successfully. However, it will be up to you to decide what those tasks are.