How to Market Your Business Effectively Using Pictures On PinterestPinterest is a social network that features lots of colorful and eye-catching pictures. The network can be used for promotional purposes, and is a great way to market the products and services that your business has to offer. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re learning how to use Pinterest effectively in promoting business.

1. Eye-catching Pictures
It’s important to think in pictures. Feature your company’s logo on Pinterest often, along with vivid pictures of new and best-selling products. Remember, the pictures are what get the attention of people in the Pinterest community. When you post engaging photos, you’re likely to get more Pinterest followers who will be interested in learning more about your company.

2. Create your own pin-boards
You can also create a guest board for other users to pin pictures to company’s board. This gets your followers involved, and produces a community where you can share ideas. This is especially helpful if you run restaurant or bakery, since you can post pictures of the delicious things you make, and your followers can post pictures of the dishes they have made from the inspiration on your board. You can even create a contest for followers to make a recipe that fits with your company’s theme, like baking a creative cupcake or preparing a vegan entree and post a picture. The winner can get a gift certificate to your restaurant and a mention on your Pinterest board, which are successful marketing tools.

3. Post videos
It’s also a good idea to post videos on Pinterest. Include short videos of your staff explaining a new product, or a clip of your interview with a prominent author or businessperson. These are even more interactive than pictures, and will heighten the curiosity of potential customers.

4.  Plan and Schedule
Finally, create with a schedule for pinning pictures and videos so that followers will always know when to expect new material from you. This establishes your company as reliable, and will attract more customers.

These simple suggestions will increase your professional popularity in the Pinterest community and enhance the overall reputation of your company. Happy pinterest marketing!