Going From Affiliate Marketing to Creating Your Own Products

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Going From Affiliate Marketing to Creating Your Own ProductMost affiliate marketers eventually decide to create their own products. Believe it not it’s not that hard to create good information products for your target market. Once you get a good following your market will start asking your advice about issues, and soon it will become clear what products or services are needed for your target market. The only thing you will need to do is create the informational product, software that solves a problem, or other product that fills the needs of your market.

Create an Info Product
The simplest product to start with is an information product or an eBook. You can write it yourself or you can hire a writer to write something based on your outline and concept. If you hire someone either edit it yourself or hire an editor to ensure that the information is accurate and well written. Also always check everything you buy from a ghost writer for plagiarism. You can use programs such as copyscape.com and also grammarly.com to check that the work is original.

In addition to having the book written you’ll need to invest in graphics for inside the book, and a three dimensional book cover that will work hard to sell your eBook. Spare no expense making your product look as good as it possibly can. Choose graphic artists who are good at their craft and not just the least expensive and you’ll be the most happy about

Sell Your Product Online
Next you’ll need to invest in some kind of shopping cart that handles affiliate sales, or you can use a service like ClickBank instead, or both. You’ll have to look at the pros and cons of each service to decide what you want to do about that. If you plan to have many products it can be more than worth it to use a shopping cart system that is an all in one shopping cart with an affiliate marketing module.

Market Your Product
After you’ve created the product, you’ll need to not only promote your new product, but also promote your affiliate program. In order to do this you may consider offering your new product to some well-known affiliate marketers free so that they can review it and possibly recommend the product. In addition use every marketing channel at your fingertips including: Article Marketing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Pay Per Click.

Once you have some testimonials create a great sales page, great banner ads, and unique and relevant content, and then market this product the same as you would if you were promoting someone else’s product. You can put your product on several different affiliate networks aside from your own. The more affiliates you have promoting your product for you the more money you will earn.

Hopefully you’ve built up your email list with trusting ready-made hungry audience ready to buy your new information product. Learn all you can about product promotions, marketing funnels, and affiliate marketing and you’ll be very successful with your own product creation. Once you have an army of affiliates behind you, your business will practically be on auto pilot. You won’t have to work as hard but right now you will have to work maybe harder than you’ve ever worked before getting your affiliate marketing business off the ground. Nothing will be more satisfying for you than creating, promoting, and earning money off a product you created yourself.


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