Essential Tips on Creating an SEO Optimized BlogKnowing how to write SEO-friendly blog is not difficult if you know a few tips. Blogging can be for fun, but it can also be used for making money, so writing an SEO-friendly blog post is very important for you to be able to get the web traffic you need.

Ninety-seven percent of people actually use search engines to find a blog post or information, so if your blog doesn’t have good rankings you will miss out on most of your visitors. This is why you need an SEO-friendly blog post.

You need a title with your main keyword included in it. People will search blog posts or information on the search engines using a keyword and the search engines will then find the blog based upon those keywords. Therefore, the title with a keyword in it will help the search engines to find your blog post fast.

Long-tail keywords are also important, and this means that you use three or more words in your keywords. It is true that if you use shorter keywords your blog can get found on many keywords but not in the top of search engines. If you are using long-tail keywords, however, then your blog will show up on top of the searches.

Write for Your Audience
Another aspect of how to write SEO-friendly blog is the fact that most bloggers write for money or for search engines. However, if you write your blog according to what interests your audience, then they will start sharing your blog contents with their friends on social networks and you will get a lot more traffic from this area. Google loves social activity as well, so you will get better rankings on search engines and the money will be automatically earned.

Google changes its algorithm from time to time and does not allow duplicate content from search results anymore. You must therefore not copy any content from another blog or source. Write in your own words in any blog post you create. Unique content is of utmost importance in how to write SEO-friendly blog. Your blog post will soon get indexed by the Google Bot when it contains original content.

Using Media
Make sure to include media as well, which can include a video, an image or an audio clip. We all know that pictures have more words than your actual content, plus Google loves media in a blog post. You will get more visitors from search engines this way, but you will need to put in details in your media as well. Do not forget to put in keywords in the alternative text, and make sure to always use your own images rather than copying from somewhere else.

Length of Your Blog
Keep your blog post between five hundred and twelve hundred words as well. This is the standard size of blog posts, and if you write less than this you may get marked as having spam content or a spam blog.

As you can see, knowing how to write SEO-friendly blog is not difficult when you know a few tips. When you keep these things in mind you will be able to have a blog that attracts a lot of traffic and proves successful.