Easy Steps to Setting Up An Effective LinkedIn Ad CampaignLinkedIn is a great tool to network with similar professional minded people but it can also be used for marketing. Marketers are turning more and more to LinkedIn to promote their content, services, and products.

LinkedIn has a potent ads platform so if you are using PPC to command your presence on Twitter, Facebook, or Google you can add LinkedIn to your list as well. If you are new to LinkedIn ads this will walk you through step by step to set up your very own LinkedIn ad campaign.

Easy Steps In Setting Up An Ad Campaign in Linkedin:

1. Create a New Ad Campaign
To create a LinkedIn ad campaign go to https://www.linkedin.com/ads/ then select New Ad Campaign and Start New. Select a name for your ad campaign, it should be unique and in relation to the campaign. The name is only visible by you so the more descriptive the name the better.

2. Choose a Language
Select the language that your ad to be in.

3. Select a Media Type
Choose one of the two media types. Basic text ad or a video ad may be chosen but take into account that videos must be no more than 30 seconds.

4. Type Ad Copy
Begin by deciding where you want people to be directed once they click on your ad such as a landing page or webpage.

Headline: The ad headline must be 25 characters or less.

Body: The body of your ad may be 75 characters or less. Your ad should obviously be relevant both to the individual reading the ad and the page which they are being directed.

Call to Action or CTA: Including a CTA in your ad will help you improve the click through rate. Tell people what to do such as “Click Here” can prove extremely potent.

Value: Integrate a valuable offer into your ad. This also makes it more likely that they will click on your offer. Value meaning phrases such as “25% off your first order”, lets people know what they will gain by clicking on your ad.

5. Ad Target
LinkedIn allows you to target your audience by age, gender, group, school, company, location, job title, school, and even skills. When you target your ad to a precise and related group it will increase conversions and click through rate.

Location: Select at least one location for your ad. Take advantage of this option as it can be very helpful to you.

Company: If your audience works at a particular company you can target them directly.

Job Title: You may also target your audience by title such as CFO or CEO for example.

School: Target individuals who have a specific educational background or you may target ads based on schools.

Skills: Target individuals who may posses a particular skill set such as financial planning or email marketing for example.

Group: If your target audience is out spoken on an issue or you are working to gain leadership in a specific area, this advertising method may be a fantastic opportunity for you.

Gender and Age: If your target audience is a specific gender or age then you can target your ad in their direction.

6. Select Method of Payment
There are two options here:
1) Cost Per Click (CPC) – You will be charged every time anyone clicks on your ad.
2) Cost per 1,000 Impressions (CPM) – You will be charged a specific amount every time your ad is shown to 1,000 individuals.

7. Daily Budget
Your daily budget will be what works best within the marketing budget you have set for yourself or your company.

8. Lead Collection Decision
LinkedIn provides you with an option to collect leads for you. This feature enables individuals to request more information or to be contacted by clicking in a check box at the end of the ad. You will then receive notification by email but bear in mind that you will only be able contact them through LinkedIn mail.

Keep an eye on your ads. Run several ads with different aspects and wording to see which ones have the best click through rate. This will help you see which ads work the best.