Earn Extra Income by Providing Writing Services to Online BusinessesIf you have an online business in which you are hoping to earn passive income, it can take awhile. It’s totally doable, but it’s not going to happen overnight. The reason most online businesses fail isn’t due to a bad idea, it’s due to the entrepreneur underestimating how long it will take to make money, and how much it will cost to become profitable. Every business you start costs money to get off the ground, that’s a given, but some businesses take longer in which to make a profit than others.

Why Offer Content Writing Services
A really great way to add to your income without adding an expense is to start providing a service that is needed, that you already know how to do, and already have the equipment to accomplish. As an Internet marketer you are likely to already be writing content for yourself, or you’re outsourcing it, and paying someone else to do it. No matter what, everyone who runs a business must have content.

Regardless of how you are populating your websites, blogs, and online real-estate with content, you can add the service and do it for others. Even if you outsource. Why? Because, most writers will cut their rates a bit if you are ordering more. Simply mark up by 1.5 anything you outsource, and manage the writing others do in order to add this service to your offerings. Remember to edit each project yourself to ensure that the quality is good before passing it on to the client. Even though outsourcing is a perfectly legitimate way to offer a service, your reputation depends on giving your clients topnotch content.

Alternatively, if you normally write your own content, start actually writing the content for others. If you can do it for yourself, you can do it for others. Try not to offer content in your own niche. Instead, offer content in another niche that you know you can write intelligently about without much research. In terms of content, time is money. It’s important to charge not only according to page, but according to the amount of research you must do for each topic. If you take 30 minutes to write a well-written, 500 word article, charge accordingly.

Where to Offer Your Services
You can start writing for others very easily by using a service such as fiverr.com. You already have proof on your various websites that you have writing talent, use those as examples, create a price list, and then start on fiverr.com to get your foot in the door. Get on sites like WAHM.com and offer to take over-flow for other writers. It is instant money in your PayPal account when you take over-flow. Yes, the prices are low when you subcontract, but generally the writing is simple keyword rich content that takes very little time to write.

Once you have that income, you can turn around and spend it on your regular business, thus pushing your business that much faster toward profitability. Avoid temptation to spend it on other things because you must stick to your goals to advance your actual business toward profitability. It is all too easy to get sidetracked into providing services full-time, but this is not your goal. Never consider the money as anything but what it should be, money to finance your business, if you want to make your non-service based online business a success.