Common Mistakes To Avoid for Mobile eCommerce Stores

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Common Mistakes To Avoid for Mobile eCommerce StoreseCommerce is branching out to the mobile world. They are ready to take the world by storm. eCommerce going mobile is trending everywhere. Retailers are making their move to jump on the band wagon. The past two years have shown a 6% increase in mobile eCommerce. It has jumped from 2% to 8%.

Mobile eCommerce is growing every single day. If you are planning to take that plunge with your business, now is the time. However, make sure you are ready so as not to make any mistakes. One little mistake can cost you everything. This blog is going outline 3 common mistakes to avoid in mobile eCommerce.

Mistake #1 - Not Recognizing Your Target Consumers
Customers are top priority in any sort of retail. You have to identify the consumer and build around them. Not built it and hope they come. Your eCommerce and its functionality are only a portion of the big picture. Consumers make up the entire picture in the end. It is important to target your consumer and build a site catering to their specific needs.

Mistake#2 - Over Doing Your eCommerce Store
Your mobile eCommerce should be so simple a child could use it. It needs to have easy navigation and most importantly easy checkout. Remember this is a mobile eCommerce which means your consumers are on the go. So they are going to want fast, quick and easy.

Mistake #3 - A Smartphone Is Not A Tablet
It is tempting to rush the process as many do. Retailers have done so by making the smartphone and tablet eCommerce identical. It's a no no. Smartphones and tabs are two separate entities, therefore, should be treated as such. The designs should be tailored for the device and the consumer.

Smartphones should be simple not too much to it. These are people on go.Tablets is mobile but more versatile. A tablet give an allowance for more opportunities for a stronger media experience, such as including a video. A smartphone is not going to want wait for a video to load. So you should think about this when you are constructing your eCommerce.

These are a few of the most common mistakes people make when creating their mobile eCommerce. Do not make these mistakes it could set you back a great deal. You have to keep your consumers engaged or else you risk losing them. Something no eCommerce owner wants.


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