6 Easy Steps to Create an Ad Campaign at FacebookFacebook started as a place for people to come and socialize online. It grew into something larger than life. It is not only utilized for social purposes. Businesses are starting to use Facebook more for promotion and advertising purposes. Facebook offers a number of services businesses can use for marketing.

Over the past few year nearly 70% of companies reported Facebook as a marketing tool, but only 23% use any of the paid advertisements. In light of traditional advertising , using social media is relatively and gets to your core audience faster. If you want start advertising there are some easy steps in creating ad campaign in Facebook.

Step #1: Make A Game Plan
Ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish? You need to be detailed about what it is you want. Are you selling something, or are you trying to drive traffic to a website. Nonetheless you need to decide what you want the ad to accomplish.

Step #2: Link It
Decide where you want your FB Ad Campaign to link. Is it going to a website or maybe a Facebook Fanpage?

Step #3: What’s Your Ad Type
Choosing your ad type is the next step. Facebook has a couple of choices in this area. You could go with the traditional style or sponsored. The only real difference between the two is the sponsored ad is able to highlight when someone scroll over it.

Step #4: Good Content and Picture
You want to add good high quality content. Keep in mind your characters are limited, so get to the point. Choose a photo or graphic people are more apt gravitate towards something visual. Use color to make it pop. If it’s eye catching people are more likely to click on it.

Step #5: Gathering A Crowd
Now you choose your audience. Facebook has setting that allow you to base ads on location, demographics and interest. You choose the setting.

Step #6: Budget
Decide what you are willing to spend on your ad. Then you can decide if you want to pay day to day, or the duration of the campaign. You also have the option of paying by impression or pay per click.

(*Tip: If you are nervous about pouring money into the ad. Try doing a trial run ad on a low budget.)

Try alterations on the ad such color, text, fonts, and tweaking the demographics. You may find something that works for you. These are the easy steps in creating ad campaign in Facebook. It can start you on the way to an effective Facebook Ad Campaign. It is a good marketing tool for companies. It brings your target audience directly to you with little effort. You can monitor your ad traffic with the Facebook tracking tools. So that’s it..it’s really that simple to get an ad going on the worlds most popular social network site.