Start an Online Business by Offering Services from your own Freelance Website

So you have decided to start your own freelancing business. Whether you are a writer, web designer, accountant, online marketer or virtual assistant, you need to get the word out that you are accepting projects and that you are damn good at what you do.

There’s no better way to make a statement and go all out with your endeavor than starting your own freelance website.

What is a Freelance Website?

You may be wondering why you need to start your own site when there already are a lot of platforms to advertise and promote your skills.

It’s actually the same as an e-commerce business. Would you settle for just an eBay store and forget about opening your own online shop? Definitely not because the smart thing to do is make use of all possible channels to sell your brand.

A freelance website is like your personal online store, except you’re selling your services rather than products. Instead of a storefront, you get to showcase your portfolio and past projects and if your clients agree, you can advertise their brands to help build your reputation.

Why Build you own Freelance Website?

There are a lot of obvious reasons why you should invest in a personal website. In a business sense, you’re cutting off the middleman which is what freelance platforms basically are.

Aside from getting full profits, you get to set your own policies and guidelines which free you from the limitations of freelance platforms.

If you market your website effectively and generate enough traffic, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing bids to other freelancers or getting low-balled for your services. Clients will come to you instead of you hunting for them.

And as a freelancer, starting your own freelance website is the best way to build trust and credibility. In the freelancing industry, credibility is king. This sets you aside from most freelancers settling for just being members of freelance platforms.

How to Start Your Freelance Website

What’s in a name? – Everything. Before doing any of the steps below think of a name that is relevant, catchy, and unique for your business. Be diligent about your research and check out your competitors. Find out if the domain name that you want is taken, still available, or about to expire. Afterwards, here is what you need to do:

Register your domain name - I recommend NameCheap and GoDaddy for the best prices.
Find a hosting service – What you need to check out are uptime guarantee, redundancy, customer support and scalability. HostGator and BlueHost offer the best packages right now. WPEngine is also a good option if you will build your site with WordPress
Build your site – WordPress is very popular nowadays especially for startups. But you can also try other site builders like Wix and Weebly. If your hosting provider has website design packages, you can go with that as well.
Marketing and promotion – Good luck getting found online if you do not have any marketing plans. A comprehensive marketing plan includes SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing.
Setup a blog – Keep your site updated with a blog. Regular blog posts will not only help with SEO but also build authority and reputation.
Start pro-bono – Try to bag a couple of startup projects for free or at discounted rates. You want to get the word out and build an initial following.
Update your portfolio – Every time you finish a project, include it in your portfolio. The more projects under your belt, the more professional and trustworthy your business will look.
Earning Potential of your Freelance Website

Startup freelance websites are relatively easier to launch. You can do everything in a day or two as long as your materials are available. What might take long is building your client base. As far as earning potential goes, it would really depend on your pricing points. What’s clear is you get to reap all the profits.

Start your Business with a Freelance Website

The main benefit of being a freelancer is that you are your own boss. So it is just a fitting idea that you should start your own website to build a successful freelancing business. To learn more about this business model, consult the blueprints below.

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