Starting an Online Business Using Wordpress to Create an SaaS Website

A lot of people use WordPress as a platform for their website. These people require customization which makes SaaS applications built for WordPress a profitable business model. WordPress itself has a service which uses a modified version of WordPress itself so developers can build their own WordPress sites. Using this same service, you can create your own WordPress management software for those who want to create their own websites but do not want to go through the hassle of developing it themselves.


If you are into online businesses and you are familiar with what most online entrepreneurs need, this is a great way for you to start earning online. You just have to be familiar with how WordPress sites are developed and what functionalities its users usually need. Even if you are not a programmer, as long as you know what architecture the software will require, you can start selling WordPress based SaaS solutions.


You need to do a bit of market research first. Get a feel of common websites developed using WordPress. Get to know what’s common among those in the same niche and what solutions they have used. Model your SaaS solution based on what you identify.

Examples of common SaaS applications developed for WordPress are

  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Blogs
  • Backup Services
  • Affiliate Websites
  • Website Builders
  • Hosted WordPress Solutions
  • EBook Builders
  • Content Management

If you are not a programmer yourself, you can hire freelancers to develop SaaS tools based on your design. Once you have your SaaS application ready, host it, launch it and promote it. Look for a reliable cloud hosting partner that is scalable at the same time because later on your requirements will increase as you provide service to a growing clientele.

Customer satisfaction is essential in this type of business so make sure you provide excellent support for your users. You should have a dedicated team for customer and technical support.


The time it takes to create a custom WordPress site ranges from 60 to 250 hours or roughly a week to a month. Marketing your website will take another month to get results so you may start earning around 5 to 8 weeks.

Overhead costs are minimal if you will develop the software yourself. If you will hire a developer you may need to invest around $2000 to $2500. If you want it cheaper you can look for freelance developers from other countries.

Website maintenance on the other hand may cost $1000 annually. You need reliable and scalable hosting which would cost around $500. All in all you would need at least $4000 to start your business. What’s great about this business model is once you have developed your software, maintenance costs are minimal so almost all of your sales will go to your profit.


With WordPress clientele around the globe growing at an astounding rate, the need for SaaS built for WordPress grows with it, making this type of business model lucrative. If you want to learn more, click on the blueprints below.

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