Building Review Sites for Affiliate Marketing

The web is a vast marketplace and one can easily get lost shopping in it. With thousands of products competing in every niche, it is challenging to make the best purchase. This is why most consumers choose to consult review sites before deciding to buy a certain product which makes this type of website perfect for affiliate marketing.


Potential buyers always want to know as much as they can about a product they are planning to buy. This makes sense because with online shopping, there is no tangible product to scrutinize before purchasing and no sales person to ask. Product review sites are rich sources of information about products. The typical content include features, benefits, users of the products, pros and cons, pricing point, FAQs, and of course, the affiliate link.

For a product review site to work, you need to generate traffic and get your visitors to click on the affiliate link.


The most popular types of affiliate review sites are authority sites and mini product review sites. What’s the difference?

Authority sites review a wide range of products that belong to a broad category. This venture demands a lot of time so those who want to try this out should be dedicated in improving and monitoring the site. An authority site is basically a website that people can consult about a wide range of products and services. Users typically search for products through a search box or under categories. What's good about this format is that there are several sources of traffic, the site itself can build a following and growth and expansion is very much possible.

Mini review sites on the other hand focus on one specific product or product type. It does not take a lot of time to put up mini review sites and this venture is most suitable to beginners, part-timers or anyone who wants to earn a bit of extra cash. The idea is one product per site but the drawback is once the product is not hot anymore, the site usually becomes useless.

Here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of authority sites and mini product review sites.

Authority Sites

Lots of room for expansion with different categories A lot of work needs to be put in
Various traffic sources like search engines, social media platforms, forums, etc. Tough competition
Potential for repeat visitors Requires highly competent content creators
Builds trust with followers Site needs to be constantly updated

Mini Product Review Sites

Does not require much time to put up Limited scope of products
Does not require much maintenance No repeat customers
Does not require a lot of content You have to rely on Google's rankings
No need to build relationships as your aim is to grab “buying” customers Dependent on the product's lifetime


Individuals who want to venture into affiliate marketing while posting and writing about products they like would benefit and enjoy launching review sites. While making money, individuals with review sites become product gurus in their own right. This can be done part time or full time. Those who want to maintain their jobs can try mini product review sites but people with enough time and money to invest can launch their own authority site.


Much like any other website, you need reliable webhosting and a cheap domain name source. No need to hire developers as there are site builders that you can consult as well as content tools for your product reviews. Once you have launched your site, all you need to do is promote it and wait for traffic volume to increase.


Authority sites may take some time to build, with all the content and site building needed to get accomplished. Marketing and promoting it on the other hand may take months before you may get a return of investment. But the returns are worth the wait. With a wide reach and potential expansion, your business is sure to grow.

Mini review sites on the other hand are easy to put up, with very little content and aesthetics needed. Here you get to take advantage of buyers who are already set to buy the product, they just want to learn more about it. In less than a week you can put up two or three sites and market them within the month.


Once you have setup your review site, all you need to do is monitor your site’s performance and constantly check analytics to increase your traffic. Most affiliate programs payout once a month. Do not expect a fat paycheck right away because it takes time for your business to grow. To learn more on how to put up authority sites, please click on the blueprints below.

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