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Freelancing is also considered an online business. By accepting projects and providing service in exchange for payment, you are in essence selling your products which are your skills and expertise. The best way to find freelancing jobs is to register in platforms like Upwork that provide a venue for both employers and freelancers.


Upwork is the new name of Elance-Odesk after the two online workplaces merged in December of 2013. With over 8 million registered users, Upwork is a freelance platform where businesses, employers and freelancers can connect and collaborate.

The online freelance platform provides a venue for employers and job seekers to meet and conduct business whether for part-time and full-time jobs as well as project based or long term commitments. Previously, communication was limited to a messaging system using webmail as a backbone. Right now, a real-time chat platform is available for faster communication.

The best part about Upwork is security. Both employees and employers are protected via escrow payments. A contract will not be paid until all stipulations in the agreement are not fulfilled. Furthermore, freelancers also have ratings which work best for everyone. Employers can see which freelancers have performed well and freelancers with great reviews find better jobs.


As a freelance platform, Upwork is beneficial for both employers and job seekers. Examples of popular job categories in Upwork are for web developers, mobile developers, designers and creatives, writers, virtual assistants, customer service agents, sales and marketing experts, accountants, and consultants.

Employers benefit a lot because they can get the best talents and skilled professionals at the lowest possible cost. Job seekers on the other hand benefit just the same because of the vast options they have from different job postings available. With a flexible work schedule, freelancers get to do more with the time they have on their hands.

In Upwork, both employers and employees can choose who they want to work with and for how long. Furthermore, it provides more financially fit options. Employers do not need to hire full time workers and pay all the benefits for a project that may need less than 2 months to finish. Freelancers on the other hand can get as many jobs as they can as long as they can handle the responsibility. Even office workers can work part time.


Just like any other online community, all you need to do is register. Freelancers looking for online work and employers seeking freelancers have separate types of accounts. To signup, all you need to do is fill out the necessary information like name, email, country. If you are looking for a job, just fill out the profile to showcase your expertise. If you are looking for an employee, just fill out the form to advertise your project to freelancers.


Salaries in Upwork basically vary depending on the task or project. As a freelancer, the more employers you have under your belt and better reviews you have, the better your opportunities are at finding high paying jobs. Salaries are usually paid online via credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. The only delay would be the 6 day clearing period for escrow. Upwork gets a 10% for every transaction.

Just like a normal job, it would take at least a week or two to get your first pay after you start with your job. To get a job, it can take less than a week.


Freelancing is a business in itself. With Upwork, not only will you get a lot of projects and opportunities, but you are also protected by escrow payments. To find out more about projects in Upwork, click on the blueprints below.

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