Selling Domains to Local Business as an Online Business

Let’s face it there are still a lot of businesses that are yet to tap the potential of launching dedicated websites. Many small businesses still rely on their current local clientele to stay afloat. There are of course those who have already become aware of the potential of expanding online and eventually more and more will shift and join the trend. This is where you come in with local business domains that you own.

Chances are the domain names that these local businesses might prefer are not yet taken, though some may be available and others may already be owned by people like you. Getting into this business means conducting research on which businesses have the potential to start their own site, and getting ahead of them in buying the domain name that they will likely to use.


This business model would be most beneficial for people who are familiar with local businesses or who have a knack for research. However, since you are selling to local businesses that are yet to put up a website, it would be difficult to find them since you would have to rely on social media or the yellow pages.


First you need to know which business domains have the potential to be bought. Scout for businesses that do not have websites yet. Make a list of domain names that you need to acquire. Some of these are available while some may be expired. You need to know where to find these domains to make your purchases.

Take note that the suffix ‘.com’ may not be the trend for local businesses. There are city specific and country specific suffixes like ‘.nyc’, ‘.london’, or ‘.sg’. Consider them in your research.

Cross check your list with, expired and These websites sell deleted or expired domains at very low costs. To secure your expired domains, you can subscribe to and so that you can automatically grab domains right at the exact moment that they expire. For domain names that are not yet taken, register them with

To make a profit, sell your domains through sites like,, and


Unlike flipping expired domains for big businesses, the profit is smaller when selling local business names. Try to understand that these are local businesses wherein some may even be hesitant to launch a website, let alone buy a very expensive domain. To generate higher revenue, you must invest more on buying or registering these domains, which in their own respect is cheaper to purchase compared to expired domains and websites. The more domains you own, the more sales you can generate.


John Shultz made it big when he sold to a Russian company for $200,000. Though you cannot expect to earn $200,000 from a single local sale, you can earn as much as long as you know which domains to buy or register. Refer to the blueprints below to learn more about Selling Local Business Domains.

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