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It is quite clear that almost everyone uses smartphones. According to online resources, people nowadays spend more than 8 hours using their mobile device. Out of these 8 hours, users either play games, chat, call, listen to music, work and look for information using their mobile device. This makes the business of creating Information Apps worth talking about.


Information or Reference apps cover various spheres of human knowledge. With what’s available on iOS and Google Playstore, there is no assurance that all apps coming out in the market provide reliable information. These apps cover categories like language, charts, weather, translation, encyclopedias, arts, news, math, science, nature, travel and all other general reference topics.

Information Apps are meant to provide quick and reliable information to consumers much like how Wikipedia and regular encyclopedia software function. Consumers are information driven which makes Information Apps very saleable.


Information apps need to have reliable information. Your data sources need to have high integrity in order to provide the right information all the time. You do not have to be a guru on a certain topic but you need to have a good source of information. Those who are ready to commit in providing information this way should start building information apps. While building games might seem more fun, building information apps provide the fulfillment of being an information resource for people.


First thing you need to determine is what type of information resource you want to be. Afterwards, do some market research on what’s available online. Check out how similar apps work, and read the reviews to see comments on how the app can be improved.

Look for reliable resources to develop your Information App. Visualize and plan your app structure and then start working with a developer.

To make money, you need to register with ad networks. Also, allow a purchase option to make the ads go away. Once everything is setup, register with Apple Developer and Google Playstore to launch your information app.


Free apps make more money than paid apps according to recent studies. Just like what most apps make, you can earn around $50 to $850 per day. Developing information apps though takes more time than basic consumer apps but it is worth the investment. Furthermore, since you are selling the app itself, you can reskin your own app to sell different ones and reach a wider market.


Information Apps sell because people need them, unlike most consumer apps that are used for leisure. Our society is information driven and because of this need, developing Information Apps is a very bankable model. Check out the blueprints below to learn more about making a business out of developing Information Apps.

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