Building Coupon Sites for Affiliate Marketing

Every consumer is looking for discounts. It is natural in the free market system to look for the lowest possible price. Most online buyers actively look for online coupons before making a purchase. This makes dedicated coupon sites viable for an affiliate marketing business.


As the name implies, this type of website is dedicated to provide discount coupons for online purchases. Unlike review sites, coupon sites do not require much content and focus more on enticing visitors to purchase via the affiliate link directing them to the retailer’s site in order to use the online coupon.

The advantage of coupon sites is that most visitors have already decided to buy the product. They are just looking for the best deal. There are cases wherein simply unlocking the code releases the tracking cookie in the visitor’s browser.

There are a lot of untapped niches for coupon sites. You might think that the market is already saturated with competitors but there are niches like WordPress themes, sports, cooking, app development, hobbies, web hosting, SEO tools, content creation tools, website builders and much more that you can build your site on.


Coupon sites are perfect for those who want to venture into affiliate marketing. If you have not read about affiliate marketing yet, click here. This works best for those who do not want to focus on content creation. Time management wise, you need to work on getting the best coupon deals and your coupons need to be updated. You do not want to piss off your visitors with expired coupon codes.


Much like any other website, there are basic steps in building coupon sites. There are also steps specific to coupon sites only that you should take. To get started, you need to find a retailer that gives out coupons to their affiliate marketers. Otherwise, you won't have any coupons to promote. Finding a hosting service and domain name is typically the next step since you are putting up a site. After launching your site, promote it and build your mailing list.


Though it may take less than two days to put up a site, the real challenge is building a mailing list which varies on your traffic. But speaking about potential, as your mailing list grows, you have a more definite reach on your referrals. Plus, mailing lists are proven to attract repeat customers. Given that you are already providing giving out a discount, buyers would prefer clicking your link compared to other sites.


Coupon sites attract visitors who are ready to buy. The fact that they are looking for coupons mean they have decided to purchase the item and they are just looking for a discount. This is the vantage point that you have with a coupon site for affiliate marketing. For more details on how to build coupon sites, click on the blueprints below.

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